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Brian B.

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Besides the reasons that I listed above another reason that I wanted to be a programmer is that I wanted to broaden my musical horizons. There's sooo much new, great music out there- especially locally! I want to listen & play all of it and every now & then squeeze in some of my favorites. Who knows, maybe I can turn listeners of my show onto something that they might not have listened to on their own!

About Brian B.

I went to my first concert when I was just eight years old (remember The Box Tops?) Even back then I listened to a variety of music; everything from the AM pop hits of the day like The Cowsills to the FM mainstays like Sly & The Family Stone. Growing up I wanted to be a disc jockey for a living. I had an independent high school class at a local radio station and two years of Junior Achievement at same one. I discovered that unless you were on drive time at a good station and willing to relocate a lot you weren't really going to make a decent living at it. Sooo, I went into advertising sales- at a radio station (the one I was in JA in ten years earlier). Even though I was in sales I was still the guy the receptionist would ask who did what song whenever someone would call the switchboard. More likely than not I had the answer. I wanted to be a programmer on WYCE because they are what radio use to be about- being a part of the community, playing new music, and having fun!

Favorite Albums

Todd Rundgren- AWATS, Todd, Liars, S/A?, Alice Cooper Band- Love It To Death, Killer, School's Out, Billion Dollar Babies, Asia- XXX, Bruce Hornsby Spirit Trail, Bruce Springsteen- Magic, Cheap Trick- Second self-titled album, Woke Up With a Monster, Rockford, The Latest, Warren Zevon- Life'll Kill You, Yes- 90125, The Ladder, David Gilmour- About Face, Marshall Crenshaw- Self-titled, Field Day, Life's Too Short, Utopia- Oops, Wrong Planet, Tom Petty- Wildflowers, Queen- Queen II, Peter Wolf- A Cure For Loneliness, Moody Blues- Question Of Balance, Seventh Sojourn, To Our Children's Children, Days Of Future Past, Lindsey Buckingham- Out Of The Cradle, Joe Jackson- Look Sharp!, I'm The Man, Night And Day, Sparks (love their LP's art work), Dire Straits- Making Movies, The Cars- (Self-Titled first) and lots more!

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