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About Pam Vandy

Born and raised in GR, now in the Rockford bubble. My father, who had a dance band, imparted to me an appreciation of music from swing, sixties pop, classical and opera (almost). I'm no musical expert, but I know what I like!

Favorite Albums

I am a 'mix-tape' individual, so pieces and parts of the following albums are my favorites. My personal playlists gravitate towards alt rock, jam bands and electronic/ incite, to transport, or to decompress. Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Live at the Wetlands; Blur - Think Tank; Blind Melon - Soup; The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely; Radiohead - Kid A and OK Computer; Andrew Bird - The Mysterious Production of Eggs; John Scofield - A Go Go; Soulive - entire catalog; Sorten Muld - III; School of Seven Bells - Disconnect from Desire; The Allman Brothers - A Decade of Hits; Jean-Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger Dopapod - Radar; Can - Tago Mago.

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