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You'll hear a little of everything on Tuesday afternoon; but Blues and Celtic are my musical cores.

About K.C.

Born & raised in Grand Rapids; graduated from Kalamazoo College; wrote my first book, married my first husband, and gave birth to my daughter in Key West. Came back to G.R. when my marriage hit the reef, drove a Zamboni for a while; then I married the best guy on the planet, Jay VerBurg. We were ridiculously happy for two years, then Jay got pancreatic cancer & had to go on ahead. I've been a widow for over nine years now. I make skirts & other garments out of up-cycled men's shirts (started with Jay's-he was a snappy dresser; he had a lot of nice shirts). I also care for several Heritage Hill houses & gardens--cleaning, maintenance, weeding, planting--I call it house whispering. Free-lance care-taking? My clients loosely refer to what I do as "KC's Magic". I recently started receiving my Railroad Widow's Pension because my Jay was the best husband ever in the history of humankind & thank god for the Union...which means I have the freedom to pursue new adventures in New York, in closer proximity to my brilliant daughter. I'm also working on another book. Because, you know, a girl can never have too many rejection slips.

Favorite Albums

Tannahill Weavers: Capernaum Sinead O'Connor: She Who Dwells Stevie Ray Vaughn: Greatest Hits Vol. II Colin Hay: Man @ Work Aaron Neville: Nature Boy Rory Block: Country Blues Joanna Connor: Big Girl Blues Wolfstone: Pick of the Litter Waterboys: A Pagan Place Alice Peacock: Alice Peacock Cyndi Lauper: True Colors Mary-Chapin Carpenter: Party Doll & Other Favorites Indigo Girls: Rite of Passage Gogol Bordello: Transcontinental Hustle

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