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We take a serious look at the best of and roots of British blues and rock going back to the likes of John Mayall, Alexis Korner, and play some rare tracks that you will not hear anywhere else. Check-out BRITISH INFUSION

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Hi there, like everyone associated with WYCE, I love music. Since moving to the States almost three decades ago it's hard, if not impossible,to find a radio station that isn't part of some giant conglomerate, playing the exact same music every day no matter which city you are in across America. After moving to west Michigan I was immediately drawn to WYCE as it had a very unusual format and one which exposes you to music you may never have heard otherwise. Now after more than a decade on WYCE, I have the good fortune to host a show "British Infusion" which is my attempt to play the great tracks and bands from the U.K. that are now overlooked by mainstream radio. We also take a look at American artists and music which influenced them. Enjoy The Music, Mike Scot.

Favorite Albums

Abbey Road---The Beatles Nightfly-----Donald Fagen Santana -----Abraxus Really could'nt list them I'd be here all night.

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