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Traditions! Is A Weekly Two Hour Presentation Connecting The Stylistic Innovations Shaped By Early Influences, And Genre-Defining Legacies Of Pioneering Legends, With Unique Reinterpretations And Cross-Pollinating By Roots Revivalists - This Show Follows Musical Streams Passed Down Through Generations Into Music Birthed Upon American Soil. Thanks For Joining Us!

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Our Musical Heritage Is Our Culture: The Past Should Be Appreciated, Not Neglected - The Future, Embraced. Traditions! Connects At The Musical Pathways -  Linked By A Sincere Appreciation And Acknowledgement Of The Influential Styles Of Music That  Continues Shaping The Landscape Of American Roots Music. This Is A Show Of Enlightenment And Respect -The Roots Live Here -  Robb M  (Email Your Requests, Comments And Suggestions 24/7 to

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