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Traditions! Is A Weekly Two Hour Presentation Connecting The Stylistic Innovations Shaped By Early Influences And Genre-Defining Legacies Of Pioneering Legends, With Unique Reinterpretations And Cross-Pollination By Roots Revivalists - This Show Follows Musical Streams Passed Down Through Generations; Organic Forms Of Acoustic And Electric Music Found In American Roots Genres, Niche Styles And Hybrids From The Merging And Blending Of Sounds Into The Music Birthed Upon American Soil. Thanks For Joining Us!

About Traditions!

Our Musical Heritage Is Our Culture: The Past Should Be Appreciated, Not Neglected - The Future, Embraced. Traditions! Connects At The Musical Pathways -  Linked By A Sincere Appreciation And Acknowledgement Of The Influential Styles Of Music That  Continues Shaping The Landscape Of American Roots Music. This Is A Show Of Enlightenment And Respect -The Roots Live Here -  Robb M  (Email Your Requests, Comments And Suggestions 24/7 to

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