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Heaping helping of rockin', twangin', folkin', blues, jazz and world.

About McMurphy

I moved to GR from a even greater radio wasteland in 1995. Fortunately, I used to spend a lot of time traveling. When I would arrive in Podunk and climb into my rental Chevy I always started at the left of the dial to try to pick up college or independent stations. Upon arriving in GR I didn’t have to venture far before I stumbled across something that made my ears happy. My dials have been locked on 'YCE ever since. As a programmer I will continue the tradition of delivering the great tunes virtually no other station will play. This is what radio can be when real people who love music run it.

Favorite Albums

This is an impossible task for someone who has collected over 4,000 individual pieces over the past way-too-many years. I'm still picking up things from the 50's and playing them right alongside the newest stuff from Pitchfork, Paste, or Harp. In the end my show may be a little louder'n'prouder.

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