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Deuzer III

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In The Spirit is an exploration of always uplifting and sometimes topical music and words. Subbing shifts are anything from, well… you name it!

About Deuzer III

The most unlikely host of a spiritual radio show on this, or any other, station. Long overdue to be struck by lightning, but grateful for the support of the righteous, the religious, and the heathens alike. All are invited to join in the discussion: Come all ye saints & sinners!

Favorite Albums

Anything by ‘Keb ‘Mo – everything! Guy Davis’ song, “If You Love Somebody, You’d Better Tell ‘em Right Now” is my favorite song in the whole world. Ben Harper’s “I Shall Not Walk Alone” and Michael Franti's “I Know I'm Not Alone” are both great reminders that we all have people in our lives who love us and want to help. And the theme song for my In The Spirit shows is “Spirit In The Sky,” written by Norman Greenbaum, a unknown Jewish boy who in 1969 put the Rock in the Rock of Ages and inspired thousands of youth to embrace a more upbeat and positive form of spiritual exploration and expression.

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