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Music is my life! Saturday Mornings, 10am to Noon is by far, my most favorite time of the week. My choice of 'Yce's Genre focus is Folk, Blues, Jazz and I love Neo-Soul, especially the Singer/songwriter Artists. Requests from our listerner/supporters and my initial music choices always make think of other songs/artists'/music. I ALWAYS pull too much music for my show and am often still pulling new music from the library with only 15 minutes left in my show :-)

About Sherry

I discovered WYCE scanning the dials when I first moved to Grand Rapids for my first Commercial radio gig in '89. I was scanning the dial and hit up Wendy Allyn doing one of her fabulous shows.

Favorite Albums

My list of favorite cd's/albums is SOOOOO long! I'll start a list and come back and add to it from time to time.. Tegan and Sarah The Ragbirds Portishead: Dummy Sarah Maclachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Anything Tracy Chapman Tori Amos: Under the pink/Boys for pele Ani Difranco: Not a pretty Girl/Dilate/Living in Clip Fiona Apple: Tidal Joni Mitchell: Blue Magnolia/Aimee Mann: music from the motion Picture Kill Bill vol 1&2: music from the motion Picture Rent: music from the motion picture Jill Scott: Beautifully Human vol. 1 Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life Paul Simon: There goes rhymin simon Leaving Las Vegas: Music from the motion picture Me'shell N'degeocello: Peace Beyond Passion Seal Anything Ella Anything Diana Krall Barenaked Ladies: Maybe you should drive Desperado: motion picture soundtrack Kate Bush: Whole story/the sensual world Thomas Newman: How to make an american quilt motion picture soundtrack Anything Melissa Etheridge Indigo Girls: Swamp Ophelia/Rites of Passage Anything Dusty Springfield L Word Tv soundtracks Season one and Two Sundays: Blind The Innocence Mission Bjork: Post Sheryl Crow: Globe Sessions

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