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all tracks and on-air programmers are listed in reverse chronological order - times are approximate


Gogol Bordello

Through the Roof 'n' Underground
Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony 2002 via Rubric
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Kel Tinawen
Amadjar 2019 via Anti
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Mikal Cronin

Seeker 2019 via Merge
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Junior 2019 via Sub Pop
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4:40 am
CASA (click for more info)

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Kent County is dedicated to recruiting and training community volunteers to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children who are temporary wards of the court. CASA helps those in need of safe, permanent homes by being their voice during child welfare legal proceedings. Volunteer and learn more at CASA Kent C O dot org


Fortune Favors
Frames Per Second 2019 via Independent


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The Motet

Highly Compatible
Death or Devotion 2019 via The Motet
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Whenever You Want (After 10PM)
Cage-Free 2019 via Independent

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Free Hat

Bovine Bounty 2019 via Independent
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4:20 am
Promo - Submit Music (click for more info)

Are you a Michigan musician or know of a few talented artists?

Submit an album to 88.1FM WYCE for airplay consideration. 

View a great how-to guide by visiting WYCE dot org forward-slash submit

and see the steps to take to add a local album to rotation at West Michigan's community radio station 88.1FM WYCE

Patty Pershayla

The Horror!
Oracle Bones 2019 via Independent
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Earth Radio

The Chameleon is a Conformist
Mother's Breath 2019 via Independent
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Hi-Ker 2014 via Independent

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Pink Sky

What It Means
Meditations II 2019 via Independent
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4:00 am
Izaak Walton League (click for more info)

The Izaak Walton League aims to protect and use sustainably America's rich resources to ensure a high quality of life for all people, now and in the future. The Grand Rapids chapter is involved with outdoor activities, fishing, water issues, and conservation. For more information, "michigan ikes dot org." "Michigan I K E S dot org"

Marco Benevento

Send It On A Rocket
Let It Slide 2019 via Royal Potato Family
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The Mattson 2

Paradise 2019 via Company
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Neal Francis

Changes, Pts. 1 & 2
Changes 2019 via Colemine
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3:40 am
Comprehensive Therapy Center (click for more info)
Established in 1982, Comprehensive Therapy Center’s mission is to meet the therapeutic and educational needs of adults and children with disabilities who are at-risk or disadvantaged, through skill building, academic enhancement and social emotional support. Comprehensive Therapy Center helps West Michigan residents to walk, talk, learn, work and play through speech-language pathology, sensory and motor therapies. Learn more at Therapy Center dot org

Jets To Brazil

Orange Rhyming Dictionary 1998 via Epitaph
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Bad Mouth
13 Songs 1989
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Bad Religion

Stranger Than Fiction
Stranger Than Fiction 1994 via Epitaph Europe
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German Boy
Makthaverskan 2009 via Luxury
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Loose Tooth

Butter Knife
Keep Up 2018 via Milk! Records
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3:20 am
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (click for more info)
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services provides communication, human services and education to the deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing communities - with the goal of inclusiveness - in Western Michigan. Services include mental health coordination, job placement, interpreter referral and hearing assistance outreach. More information - Deaf H H S dot org


Strange Conversations
Signal 2019 via Stones Throw
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Great Time

Leave a Light On
Great Album 2019 via Great Time
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French Vanilla

Real or Not
How Am I Not Myself 2019 via Danger Collective
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The National Anthem
Kid A 2000 via Capitol
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Modest Mouse

Heart Cooks Brain
The Lonesome Crowded West
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3:00 am
Master Arts Theatre [generic] (click for more info)
Master Arts Theatre's mission is to develop artists and to engage audiences in theatre that is enriching, encouraging, enlightening and positively impacting West Michigan. Master Arts offers four main stage shows per year and a youth summer stock production. In addition to main stage productions, they offer summer camps for youth, regular classes for children through adults, and a number of touring troupes that perform in a variety of venues. Located at 75 77th Street south west - Master Arts dot org