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Capt'n Kurt

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Sonny Lim

Pau Hana Rag
Slack Key Guitar: The Artistry of Sonny Lim 2005 via Palm Records
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Fiona Apple

Oh Well
Extraordinary Machine 2005 via Sony
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Richard Thompson

Mr. Rebound
Live From Austin TX 2005 via New West Records
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Tarbox Ramblers

Last Month Of The Year
A Fix Back East 2004 via Rounder / Pgd
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California Guitar Trio

Whitewater 2004 via Inside Out U.S.
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5:40 pm

North Mississippi Allstars

51 Phantom
51 Phantom 2001 via Artemis Records
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Better Things
This Is Where I Belong- The Songs Of Ray Davies And The Kinks 2002 via Rykodisc


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Sandy Denny and the Strawbs

How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
Sandy Denny And The Strawbs 1967 via Hannibal
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5:30 pm

Scott Miller & the Commonwealth

Daddy Raised a Boy
Thus Always to Tyrants 2001 via Sugarhill [Country]
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An Tiomanai
Lemonade & Buns 2000 via Green Linnet
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Too Much
Night Train to Nashville, Vol. 2 2005 via Lost Highway


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5:20 pm

Dave's True Story

Simple Twist of Fate
Simple Twist Of Fate 2005 via Bepop Records
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Wynton Marsalis

Go to the Mardi Gras
Higher Ground- Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert 2005 via Blue Note Records
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Daring Lousy Guy
I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump 1999 via Capitol
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Tracy Grammer

This Dirty Little Town
The Verdant Mile 2004 via Independent
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5:00 pm

Pato Banton

Don't Sniff Coke
Collections 1994 via Blue Note Records
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David Honeyboy Edwards

Bad Whiskey and Cocaine
Delta Bluesman 1992 via Earwig
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Old Crow Medicine Show

Tell It To Me
Old Crow Medicine Show 2004 via Nettwerk Records
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The Only Redeemer
NYC Sessions 1993-2004 - X Amounts Of Niceness 2004 via Wrong Records
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Mack Starks

The Fog That Follows
Blind Spot 2005 via Nitrolian Records
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4:20 pm

Patti Smith

Horses [30th Anniversary Legacy Edition] 1975 via Arista
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Break Out 2005 via Concord
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They Might Be Giants

They Got Lost
They Got Lost 2005 via Zoe Records
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4:00 pm

Steve James

Talco Girl
American Primitive 1994 via Antone's Records


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E.G. Kight

Blues And Greens
Southern Comfort 2003 via Blue South
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Bob Marley

I Shot The Sheriff
Legend 1984 via Polygram Records
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Chris Whitley

Breath of Shadows
Soft Dangerous Shore 2005 via Cooking Vinyl
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Chris Whitley

Dust Radio
Living With The Law 1991 via Sony
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3:40 pm

Connie Evingson

You and the Night and the Music
Gypsy in My Soul 2005 via Minnehaha Music
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Gentleman Who Fell
The Divine Comedy 1994 via Capitol
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Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham

Sweet Inspiration
Moments from This Theatre 2005 via Proper Records Llc
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The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash

1970 Monte Carlo
Distance Between 2002 via Ultimatum
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3:20 pm

Bob Brozman

Alir Pukai
Songs of the Volcano 2005 via World Music Network
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Balfa Toujours

Tu Peux Cogner Mais Tu Peux Pas Rentere (You Can Knock But You)
Live at Whiskey River Landing 2000 via Rounder / Pgd
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Jenifer McKitrick

Glow 1998
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Taj Mahal

Good Morning Little School Girl
Giant Step-De Ole Folks at Home 1995 via Rewind
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Rachel Ries

Lonely Spires
For You Only 2005 via Waterbug Records
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3:00 pm