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Playlist from 02/06/2022 @ 9:00pm

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Echoes features new and notable electronica, downtempo, and ambient music from around the world.

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Unheard Melodies - Edit
Unheard Melodies (Edit_ 2021 via Planet Mu Records
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marine eyes

idyll 2021 via Stereoscenic
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Bright Serpent 2020 via Small Pond Recordings
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9:40 pm


Differance (Remastered) 2015 via GMC/ESTELLA
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Ola Szmidt

The Base 10
The Base 10 2021 via Ola Szmidt
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Neil Cowley, Ben Lukas Boysen

Prayer (Ben Lukas Boysen Rework)
Hall of Mirrors (Reflected) 2021 via Mote
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Grandbrothers, Mogwai

Organism - Mogwai Remix
Organism - Mogwai Remix 2021 via City Slang
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9:20 pm

Leafcutter John

Yes! Come Parade With Us
Yes! Come Parade With Us 2019 via Border Community Recordings
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Fort Romeau

Untitled IV
Untitled IV 2022 via Ghostly International
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Christian Loffler

Enfantillages pittoresques
Enfantillages pittoresques 2022 via Deutsche Grammophon
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The Smile

The Smoke
single 2022 via Self Help Tapes LLP
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9:00 pm