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Playlist from 08/27/2021 @ 5:00am

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Silverio (Silver) en El Mundo Musical

I would like to travel around the spanish countries without actually having to leave Grand Rapids with thier wonderful music! At this moment Ill be up in the am to give you a kickstart of great rythem that keeps the blood flowing! I love different sounds that can spike curiosity and wonder in your ears. With this show I hope share my influences of music with the latin and american community of Grand Rapids in which I hold so dear.

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Sergio Mendes

Magalenha [Album Version]
Celebration: A Musical Journey 2011 via Emarcy/Verve
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Mirando de Lado
Kinky 2002 via Nettwerk Records
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Ghetto Kumbe

Cara a Cara
Ghetto Kumbe 2020 via ZZK
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6:40 am

Grupo Fantasma

El Existential 2010 via National Geographic Music
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Cumbia Infierno [Toti & Andy Loop Fat Beat Remix]
Turntables on the Hudson- 10 Year Anniversary 2010 via Wonderwheel


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Money Chicha

Cumbia Familiar
Echo En Mexico 2017 via Vampi Soul
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Cumbia del Caribe [Colombia]
Putumayo Presents- Latin Party 2010 via Putumayo World Music


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Cumbia Bucanero
Baile Bucanero 2017 via Soundway
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5:40 am

Yerba Buena

La Candela (Prendela)
Island Life 2005 via Razor & Tie
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Juan Luis Guerra

Bachata en Fukuoka
Asondeguerra 2010 via Caoitol Latin
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Conga Descarga
The Master 2014 via Chesky
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Mo' Horizons

Tu Fiesta Personal
Sunshine Today 2008 via Agogo
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Jose Rizo's Mongorama

Palo Mayombe
Jose Rizo's MongoRama 2011 via Saungu Records
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5:20 am
AOTA Hip-Hop (click for more info)

Grupo Fantasma

Sonidos Gold 2008 via High Wire Music
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Descarga Cúantica
Magnetica 2014 via Tru Thoughts
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Paloma San Basilio - Contigo
Late Night Tales 2020 via Night Time Stories
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El Remolon

Selva 2014 via ZZK Records
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5:00 am