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Playlist from 07/15/2021 @ 5:00am

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Silverio (Silver) en El Mundo Musical

I would like to travel around the spanish countries without actually having to leave Grand Rapids with thier wonderful music! At this moment Ill be up in the am to give you a kickstart of great rythem that keeps the blood flowing! I love different sounds that can spike curiosity and wonder in your ears. With this show I hope share my influences of music with the latin and american community of Grand Rapids in which I hold so dear.

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Macaco (Novalima Remix)
Karimba 2012 via Esl Music
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Chico Mann + Captain Planet

Oye Bien
Night Visions 2017 via Bastard Jazz
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Mo' Horizons

...And The New Bohemian Freedom 2003 via Stereo Deluxe
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Sol Clap
Magnetica 2014 via Tru Thoughts
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6:40 am

Nicola Cruz

Prender El Alma 2015 via ZZK Records
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- LADAMA - Maria
Oye Mujer 2020 via Six Degrees
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Combo Chimbita

Santo Fuerte
Ahomale 2020 via ANTI
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Un beso
God's Project 2005 via CCM
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Robert Vargas

El Mononon
Dominicanita 1995 via LP Industry Music
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6:20 am

Perez Prado

Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
Hits Archive 1955 via Classics
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Making Movies

Cuna De Vida
A La Deriva 2014 via United Interests
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Te Quiero
Te Quiero 2007 via Televisa EMI Music
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Los Mono

Somos Los Que Estamos 2007 via Sonic360
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Tierra Del Sur
Ziroq 2002 via Triloka (Koc566)
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Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Mis numero 1..Pa' todo el año 2008 via RCA
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6:00 am


Tierra Colora
Putumayo Presents Vintage Latino 2015 via Putumayo


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Corazon Espinado
Supernatural 1999 via Sony Legacy
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Yerba Buena

Corazon Bandolero
Island Life 2005 via Razor & Tie
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Lara and Reyes

Solamente Una Vez-Amore (Amor, Amor, Amor)
Riverwalk 1998 via Higher Octave
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5:40 am
Artists Creating Together (click for more info)

Artists Creating Together is a nonprofit organization empowering people with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. 

Art is a vital part of development: it builds social and cognitive skills, fosters independence and promotes self confidence. 

ACT believes art is a fundamental tool in helping people reach their full potential, and provides art class for all ages and abilities; ranging from visual arts, dance, and drumming, to gardening or creative healing. 

To learn more about ACT's classes or ways to be involved, visit "artists creating together dot org"


Ran Kan Kan [Thunderball vs. The Fort Knox Five Remix]
Explorations- Classic Picante Regrooved, Vol. 1 2006 via Concord Records


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Chilla Que Tiemble
Nubes de Papel 2010 via National Geographic Music
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Grupo Fantasma

American Music, Vol. VII 2019 via Blue Corn
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Huastech 3000 2017 via Aparato! Music


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5:20 am


Canto Al Monte
Reencarnacion 1998 via Hannibal
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Los Lobos

Sabor a Mi
Just Another Band From East L.A. 1993 via Warner Brothers
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Omara Portuondo

El Madrugador
Flor de Amor 2004 via Nonesuch
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Soy Del Pueblo
Rolas de Aztlan- Songs of the Chicano Movement 2005 via Smithsonian Folkways


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Devendra Banhart

Samba Vexillographica
Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon 2007 via Xl Recordings
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Si me la dan la cojo
Bachata Roja- Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era 2007 via IASO


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5:00 am
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