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Playlist from 04/16/2021 @ 5:00am

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Silverio (Silver) en El Mundo Musical

I would like to travel around the spanish countries without actually having to leave Grand Rapids with thier wonderful music! At this moment Ill be up in the am to give you a kickstart of great rythem that keeps the blood flowing! I love different sounds that can spike curiosity and wonder in your ears. With this show I hope share my influences of music with the latin and american community of Grand Rapids in which I hold so dear.

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Salt Cathedral

Te Quiero Olvidar
Salt Cathedral 2020 via Ultra Records
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Tejano Highway 281

Mirame Los Ojos 2017 via Tejano Powerhouse Records
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Daniela Andrade

Gallo Pinto
Tamale 2019 via Crooked Lid Records
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Me Voy
Ash 2017 via XL Recordings
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Luis Enrique

Yo No Se Manana
Ciclos 2009 via Chazz Music
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6:40 am

El General

Tu Pun Pun
Estas Buena 2009 via Prime records
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Lucas Perezz

Single 2020 via LJ Entertainment
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Romeo Santos

Obra Maestra
Formula,Vol 2 (Deluxe Edition) 2014 via Sony Music Latin
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La Novela
El Hombre Mas Famoso de la Tierra 1997 via Cutting Records
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Charro Negro
Nada Vale Más Que Tú 2017 via Nettwerk
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6:20 am


Flor Silvestre - Gracias A La Vida
Celebrate Women's Voices 2021 via Concord


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Lucha Villa - Amaneci en Tus Brazos
Celebrate Women's Voices 2021 via Concord


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Big Circo

La Endiablada
Tejano #1's Siempre (Vol.3) 2016 via Emi Latin
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Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor
Mi Sangre 2004 via Surco Records J.V.
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Gipsy Kings

Sin Ella
Este Mundo 1991 via Nonesuch
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6:00 am

Son by Four

A Puro Dolor
Son by Four 2000 via Sony Music Latin
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Big Boy, Angel Lopez

Mis Ojos Lloran Por Ti
Mis Ojos Lloran Por ti 2006 via Musical Productions
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A San Lazaro (Babalu)
The Rough Guide to Salsa Colombia 2003 via World Music Network


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Joan Soriano

Amor De Nino [Baby Love]
El Duque de la Bachata 2010 via iASO
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Lupita D'Allessio

Orfeon Mexico Lupita D'Allessio 2011 via Orfeon
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5:40 am


Paquita La Del Barrio - Rata de Dos Patas
Celebrate Women's Voices 2021 via Concord


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Hasta la Cima del Cielo
Nuestro Historia Hasta el Momento 2007 via Martzcom Music, LLC/Freddie Records
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Texas Tornados

(Hey Baby) Que Paso
Texas Tornados 1990 via Reprise Records
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Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizzaraga, Snoop Dogg

Que Maldicion
Single 2020 via Lizos Music
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Raul Y Mexia

Solo Para Ti
Arriba y Lejos 2013 via Nacional
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5:20 am

Kali Uchis

la luz(Fin)
Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) 2020 via Interscope
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Solo Quiero (DJ Raff Remix)
Otun Remixes 2021 via ZZK
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Alex Cuba

Sin Un Porque
Static in the System 2012 via Caracol Records
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Saber Amar
Amador 2011 via El Volcán Música
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iLevitable 2016 via SONY LATIN
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5:00 am