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Playlist from 03/28/2021 @ 9:00pm

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Echoes features new and notable electronica, downtempo, and ambient music from around the world.

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Hiroshi Yoshimura

Green 2020 via Light in the Attic Records
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Bermuda Teenager

May 18
May 18 2021 via 2790326 Records DK
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Orange and Mountains

Absorbed in a Point
Absorbed in a Point 2021 via Rhodium
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9:40 pm

Nils Frahm

Tripping with Nils Frahm 2020 via Erased Tapes Records
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Daft Punk

Giorgio By Moroder
Random Access Memories 2013 via Columbia
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Ela Minus

they told us it was hard, but they were wrong
single 2020 via Domino Records
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9:20 pm

Silent Spirit

Intentions 2021 via Silent Spirit
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Eraser - Live
Live in London 2021 via Tragen Records
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Isles 2021 via Ninja Tune
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9:00 pm