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Big Wild

Invincible [EP] 2017 via Foreign Family Collective
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Sister Sparrow

Gold 2018 via Thirty Tigers
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Phoebe Katis

Honesty 2019 via Phoebe Katis Music
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Healing 2019 via Royal Potato Family
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Tony Trischka

I Know Moon-Rise (Feat. Catherine Russell)
Shall We Hope 2021 via Shefa
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Kishi Bashi

Early Morning Breeze
Single 2021 via Joyful Noise Recordings
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11:40 am
The Arc Kent County (click for more info)

The Arc Kent County advocates for the rights and full participation of all people with developmental disabilities. Together with members, The Arc Kent County works to improve systems of support and services; connect families; inspire communities and influence public policy. They are committed to building inclusive communities through advocacy, support and information. More information at Arc Kent dot org

The Crane Wives

Foxlore 2016 via Independent


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Jocelyn Mackenzie

PUSH 2021 via Righteous Babe
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Bon Iver

U (Man Like) - Radio Edit
i,i 2019 via Secretly Canadian
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Yann Tiersen

Infinity 2014 via Mute Artist
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Jeremiah Fraites

Piano Piano 2021 via Dualtone
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11:20 am
Arbor Circle (click for more info)

Arbor Circle believes in the positive power of healthy individuals and families to build a solid foundation for the future. They work to transform the lives of children, adults and families facing mental health, substance use and family issues, through a range of counseling and supportive services, many free of charge. Learn more at arbor circle dot org

The Cactus Channel

Stay a While
Stay A While 2017 via Hopestreet Recordings
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Dean Town
The Beautiful Game 2016 via Vulf Records


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I Fight Dragons

The Devil You Know
Canon Eyes 2019 via I Fight Dragons
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White Knuckles
Of the Blue Colour of the Sky 2010 via Capitol
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Hollywood Makeout

Skinny Dippin' Scorpion 2021 via Dizzybird
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11:00 am
Local First Grand Rapids (click for more info)

Local First believes a strong economy starts with local ownership and sustainable business practices. Local First helps business owners and entrepreneurs improve their impact in the community while educating the public on why supporting local matters. Their most recent initiative, Good for Grand Rapids, brings together and celebrates companies using business as a force for good. More information can be found at local first dot com.

Tommy Guerrero

By The Sea at the End of the World
Sunshine Radio 2021 via Too Good
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Christine and the Queens

Saint Claude
Christine and the Queens 2015 via Atlantic
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Weather 2019 via Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune
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Still Corners

White Sands
The Last Exit 2021 via Wrecking Light
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10:40 am
Artists Creating Together (click for more info)

Artists Creating Together is a nonprofit organization empowering people with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. 

Art is a vital part of development: it builds social and cognitive skills, fosters independence and promotes self confidence. 

ACT believes art is a fundamental tool in helping people reach their full potential, and provides art class for all ages and abilities; ranging from visual arts, dance, and drumming, to gardening or creative healing. 

To learn more about ACT's classes or ways to be involved, visit "artists creating together dot org"


Still Waiting
Two 2017 via Independent
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Anderson East

Find 'Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em
Delilah 2015 via Elektra
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Mt. Joy

Rearrange Us
Rearrange Us 2020 via Dualtone
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Kiwi Jr

Maid Marian's Toast
Cooler Returns 2021 via Sub Pop
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10:20 am
Ferris Coffee (click for more info)

Coffee at WYCE is provided by Ferris Coffee - a local roaster with two cafe locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Ferris is a family owned and operated company with a mission to build relationships through specialty coffee and nuts. 

More information about their coffee and the people behind is available at


Eat the Light 2016 via Independent


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Badge Epoque Ensemble

Just Space for Light (feat. Jennifer Castle)
Self Help 2021 via Telephone Explosion
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Remind Me
Melody AM 2001 via Msi Music/Super D
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Black Rain
Home 2021 via Loma Vista
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10:00 am
Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (click for more info)

Community Media Center is grateful for the support of The National Endowment for the Arts, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the Lowell Arts Council. 

Their support of our mission  "building community through media" allows GRTV, WYCE, Wealthy Theatre, The Rapidian and our Web Development team to maintain and expand our services to the community. 

More information available at "michigan business dot org"