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Pam Vandy

For the musically adventurous...

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Trans Am

Rules of Engagement
California Hotel 2017 via Thrill Jockey
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Captain Planet

Rebosando (feat. Chico Mann)
No Visa 2020 via Bastard Jazz
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Barrett Martin Group

Miss Galactic Fantastic
Transcendence 2018 via Sunyata
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Trick To Happy
Single 2020 via Brushfire Records
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11:40 pm
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Kenny Neal

One Step Closer 2001 via Telarc
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Link Wray

Rise And Fall of Jimmy Stokes
Link Wray 1971 via Universal Records
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Beat Bronco Organ Trio

Hey Hey feat. Alberto Palacios Anaut
Road Trip 2020 via Rocafort
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Stan Ridgway

Susie Before Sunrise
anatomy 1999 via New West Records
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11:20 pm
American Culinary Federation (click for more info)

ACF Greater Grand Rapids Chefs Association

Andrew C. Eggert, CEC

1747 Morningside Dr. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


DJ Cam

California Dreamin
Seven 2011 via K7
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1 Giant Leap 2001 via Palm Pictures


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Janelle Monae

Single 2020 via Atlantic
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David Crosby

Music is Love
If I Could Only Remember My Name 1971 via Atlantic Recording Corp
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Bette Smith

Song for a Friend
The Good, The Bad, And The Bette 2020 via Ruf
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The Muteflutes

How You Gonna Keep 'Em
The Ballad of the Rebel Grape 2012 via Independent


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11:00 pm
GROW (click for more info)

Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women [GROW] provides education, connections, and resources that create and strengthen women-owned businesses. GROW's vision is to provide women of West Michigan the education and resources that will allow them to strive towards their dream of achieving self-fulfillment and positive economic change. More information is available at GROW


Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters

Blues For George Floyd
Rise Up 2020 via Stony Plain
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Mo Crunch
Our Kind Of Movement 2020 via Freestyle
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The Reverend Shawn Amos

27 Dollars
Blue Sky 2020 via Put Together Music
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The Magnetic Fields

You Must Be Out of Your Mind
Realism 2010 via Nonesuch
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Sweet Disaster
Leave No Bridge Unburned 2015 via Six Shooter
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10:40 pm
United Way (click for more info)

Heart of West Michigan United Way United Way Center 118 Commerce Avenue SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4106 Phone: 616.459.6281 Fax: 616.459.8460 Email: Health & Human Services information and referral service: phone 211

The Heavy

How You Like Me Now?
The House That Dirt Built 2009 via Counter Records
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Single 2020 via XL/Beggars
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10:30 pm
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Carrie Rodriguez

I Dreamed I Was Lola Beltran
Lola 2016 via Luz
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Kevin Morby

Single 2020 via Dead Oceans
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10:20 pm
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Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts

Palden Rangjung
Selwa 2004 via Six Degrees
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Don Byron

Cleo's Mood
Do The Boomerang- The Music Of Junior Walker 2006 via Blue Note Records
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The Red Devils

King King 1992 via Warner Bros / Wea
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Hannah Georgas

That Emotion
All That Emotion 2020 via Brassland
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10:00 pm
Comprehensive Therapy Center (click for more info)

Established in 1982, Comprehensive Therapy Center's mission is to meet the therapeutic and educational needs of adults and children with disabilities who are at-risk or disadvantaged, through skill building, academic enhancement and social emotional support. Comprehensive Therapy Center helps West Michigan residents to walk, talk, learn, work and play through speech-language pathology, sensory and motor therapies. Learn more at Therapy Center dot org

Kool & The Gang

Jungle Jazz
Spirit of the Boogie 1975 via The Island Def Jam Music Group
a note about this track

Birthday boy, Robert "Kool" Bell, 70 years old today

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Sally Nyolo

Tiger Run 2014 via World Music Network
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Shooter Jennings

Fast Horses & Good Hideouts
Shooter 2018 via Elektra
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Skin Deep
Alive & Suffering 2020 via Independent
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9:40 pm
Sight Seer Radio (click for more info) 213 Sheldon Blvd SE # 3 Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4557 (616) 235-0020

Chocolate Genius, Inc.

The Yes Eye
Black Yankee Rock 2005 via Commotion Records
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Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays

It's For You
As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls 1980 via ECM
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Belle & Sebastian

The Party Line
Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance 2015 via Matador
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Sean Chambers

Trouble & Whiskey
Trouble & Whiskey 2017 via American Showplace
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9:20 pm
Mary Free Bed Rehab Hospital (click for more info)

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital was founded in 1891 to provide medical care for patients of limited financial means in our community. Mary Free Bed exists to restore independence, hope and freedom through physical rehabilitation to people with disabilities. For adult and pediatric patients alike, Mary Free Bed provides comprehensive rehabilitation services. More Information - Mary Free Bed dot com


Kirk Fletcher

Hip Hug Her
Shades Of Blue 2004 via Delta Groove Prod
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Marc Broussard

Eye On The Prize
Marc Broussard 2011 via Atlantic
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H.C. McEntire

River's Jaw
Eno Axis 2020 via Merge
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Mosquitos 2003 via Bar None Records
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Good Thing
Lucid 2019 via Shanachie
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9:00 pm
Planned Parenthood (click for more info)

Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan is the largest provider of reproductive and sexual health and education services in the region. Planned Parenthood helps people from all walks of life to have access to affordable services that help them plan their families, prevent disease, and make responsible decisions about their sexual health. More information at P P W N M dot org