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Playlist from 07/05/2020 @ 9:00pm

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Lera Lynn

My Least Favorite Life
True Detective OST 2015
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Hampshire & Foat

All Washed Up
Galaxies Like Grains of Sand 2017 via Athens Of The North
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Felix Laband

I'm So High, I Swear I Could...
Deaf Safari 2015 via Compost Records
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Jon Hassell

single 2020 via Ndeya
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9:40 pm


Untitled (Black Is) 2020 via Forever Living Originals
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Free The Robots

Malinao 2020 via Astral Travels
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Nuance 2020 via Velvet Blues
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Deep Water
I Need Space 2020 via MaJu Records
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Radio Citizen

The Hop
Berlin Serengeti 2006 via Ubiquity
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Shin Jyi Cyuu 33
Trouble in Paradise 2020 via Synesthesia Media
a note about this track

Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a book by Ian Urbina

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9:20 pm

The Midnight Eez

Night Walk
The Midnight Eez 2011 via All City Dublin
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Zeb Samuels

Lost in my Dreams
Hope & Light 2019 via Deep Heads
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Tommy Guerrero

Los Padres
Road To Knowhere 2018 via Too Good
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single 2020 via Loma Vista Recordings
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Spring in a Small Town

Spring in a Small Town 2020 via fiau
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9:00 pm