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Playlist from 05/03/2020 @ 9:00pm

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Hugo Kant, Ian Urbina

The Shadow Lands
The Seven Seas 2020 via Synesthesia Music
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Bowery Electric

Without Stopping
Beat 1996 via kranky
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Girl Skin

Bite Real Hard
Shade Is On The Other Side 2020 via Jullian
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Dijf Sanders

Puja 2020 via Unday Records
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Free The Robots

Daku (432 hz)
Malinao 2020 via Astral Travels
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9:40 pm

Dday One

From Heritage
Heavy Migration 2008 via Content Label
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Altos Rhodes
Doing Nothing 2019 via Hip Dozer
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Blue Print feat. LAUSSE THE CAT
single 2017 via independent
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A Salute To Blood Bowl Legends
The Fun Ones 2020 via RJ's Electrical Connection
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Laura Misch

Walk Alone to Hear Thoughts of Your Own
Lonely City 2019 via independent
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9:20 pm

Elobrian Sunrise

Bobby the Whistler
Dreaming About You 2020 via Sunrise Factory
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Dumama + Kechou

for madala
buffering juju 2020 via Mushroom Hour Half Hour
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Sunday Piano Music - Remastered
single 2020 via independent
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Arlo Parks

Romantic Garbage
Super Sad Generation 2019 via Beatnik Creative
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Nightmares on Wax

Gambia Via Vagator Beach
Smoker's Delight (2020 Reissue) 2020 via Warp
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9:00 pm