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Pam Vandy

For the musically adventurous...

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Erik Telford

Kinetic 2010 via Independent
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Tru Thoughts 2018 2018 via Tru-Thoughts


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Black Atlass

Island Love
Haunted Paradise 2016 via Fool's Gold
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11:40 pm
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Those Darn Accordions!

Kick My Butt
Clownhead 1999 via Globe (City Hall)
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LoveJoys 2017 via Small Press Records
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Plain Jane Glory

Find My Way Back Home
Grace Of Hours 2016 via Independent


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Greg Laswell

Landline (Featuring Ingrid Michaelson)
Landline 2012 via Vanguard Records
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I Be's Troubled
Muddy Waters 100 2015 via Raisin Music


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11:20 pm
Young Leaders Against Violence (click for more info)


Paul Thorn

I Have a Good Day Every Now and Then
So Far So Good - The Best of Paul Thorn 2016 via Perpetual Obscurity
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Sigur Ros

Kveikur 2013 via XL Recordings
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Lo Que Tu Quieres De Mi
Origenes 2020 via Wonderwheel
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There Was Evolution
Sound Sutras 2007 via Intent City
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Vapor Eyes

Street Bible
Proxima 2017 via Independent


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11:00 pm
Adoptive Family Support Network (click for more info)

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You Got Yourself Into This
Berkeley To Bakersfield 2014 via 429
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So So Na So
People Meet Your People 2016 via Independent
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Alvin Youngblood Hart

Just About to Go
Territory 1998 via Hannibal
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Fortune Teller
Algiers 2012 via ANTI Records
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10:40 pm
Feeding America West Michigan (click for more info) 864 West River Center Dr. Comstock Park, MI 49321 (616) 784-3250

Larry Coryell

The Way It Was
Heavy Feel 2015 via Wide Hive
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Joseph Israel

Just You Wait
Paradise 2016 via Lions of Israel
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Avi Kaplan

I'll Get By
I'll Get By [EP] 2020 via Fantasy
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Blinddog Smokin'

Tell 'Em Shuffle
High Steppin' 2015 via City Hall
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French Horn Rebellion

Oh Sarah!
Classically Trained 2016 via Ensemble
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10:20 pm
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My Heart Beats 4 U
Washed Away 2016 via 10th Street Entertainment
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Chris Antonik

Long Way to Go
Better for You 2013 via Independent
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Daniel Weltlinger

Sur Seine
Samoreau 2017 via Rectify
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Christine and the Queens

La vita nuova feat. Caroline Polachek
La Vita Nuova [EP] 2020 via Because Music
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10:00 pm
River City Wild Ones (click for more info) (616) 308-8176

Working Class Heroes

Uncle John's Blues
The Kindness of Strangers 2011 via Independent


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Drew Nelson

Lovely Day
Immigrant Son 2005 via Mackinaw Harvest Music


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Paper Tiger
Sea Change 2002 via Interscope Records
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Delbert McClinton

Maybe Someday Baby
Live 2003 via New West
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Joe Ely

The Road Goes On Forever
Love And Danger 1992 via Mca Special Products
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9:40 pm
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Believe System
My Fairy Tales 2015 via Bushqueen
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Mike and the Censations

There's Nothing I Can Do About It
Don't Sell Your Soul - Disc 1 2011 via Ubiquity
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Life On Earth
Best Day 2012 via Compass Records
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Jenny O.

Lazy Jane
Automechanic 2013 via Holy Trinity Records
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9:20 pm
Interfaith Dialogue Association [Audio PSA] (click for more info) 183 Lakeside Grand Rapids MI 49503 (616) 454 - 5960 email:



The Sun
Spiritual Spiritual 2001 via Higher Octave
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Keeping Your Head Up
Beautiful Lies 2016 via Atlantic Records
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Buster Moe

Good Kinda Crazy EP 2016 via PRMD
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Hey Brother
True 2014 via Island
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The Elders

Wounded World
True 2017 via Pubtone
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9:00 pm
The Spoke Folks (click for more info)

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221 Logan St. SW Grand Rapids MI 49503