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Playlist from 01/30/2020 @ 3:00am

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Bossa Got the Blues
Bossa Got The Blues 2020 via Six Degrees
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The True Loves

Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words 2017 via The True Loves
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Martha Wash

Like Fire
Love & Conflict 2020 via Purple Rose
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Kerry Hart

I Know A Gun
I Know A Gun 2020 via Independent
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Elliot Moss

A Change In Diet 2020 via Grand Jury
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4:40 am


The Alarmist
Marigold 2020 via Beggars
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Hollow Coves

Borderlines (Radio Edit)
Moments 2020 via Nettwerk
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Bonny Light Horseman

Deep in Love
Bonny Light Horseman 2020 via 37d03d
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The Ballroom Thieves

Love Is Easy
Unlovely 2020 via Nettwerk

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Ivan & Alyosha

Everybody Breaks
Everybody Breaks 2019 via Nettwerk Music Group Inc.
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4:20 am

The Dip

Won't Be Coming Back
The Dip OurVinyl Sessions 2019 via OurVinyl TV, Inc


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Chirp 2019 via Independent
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Present Ghosts
Never Odd or Even 2014 via Dopapod
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4:00 am


Safe And Sound
Woman 2017 via Because Music
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Calibro 35

Fail It Til You Make It
Momentum 2020 via Record Kicks
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Wolf Parade

Under Glass
Thin Mind 2020 via Sub Pop
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Madison Cunningham

Pin it Down
Who Are You Now 2019 via Verve Forecast
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3:40 am

Medicinal Groove

Fresh Take 2019 via Independent


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Rustic Overtones

Self Titled 2020 via Independent
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Sun Machine 2018 via Grand Jury
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Die Waiting
Hyperspace 2019 via Capitol
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Miniature Tigers

Manic Upswings
Vampires in the Daylight 2019 via Miniature Tigers
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3:20 am

Pacific Mambo Orchestra

Mi Carnaval
The III Side 2020 via Independent
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Golden Dawn Arkestra

Cosmic Dancer
Children Of The Sun 2018 via Nine Mile Records
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The Soul Motivators

Miss Those Days
Do The Damn Thing 2020 via Selective Hearing
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Cory Wong

Elevator Music for an Elevated Mood 2020 via Cory Wong
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3:00 am