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Playlist from 02/02/2020 @ 9:00pm

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The Haden Triplets

Wayfaring Stranger
The Family Songbook 2020 via Trimeter/Thirty Tigers
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Manu Delago

Parasol Woods
Parasol Peak 2018 via One Little Indian Ltd.
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Radio Citizen

Black Forest
Berlin Serengeti 2006 via Ubiquity
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Calibro 35

Momentum 2020 via Record Kicks
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Alice Boman

Who Knows
Dream On 2020 via PIAS
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9:40 pm

Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Zwei Herzen aus Gold
Patchouli Blue 2020 via Ipecac Recordings
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Washed Out

High Times 2009 via 2009
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40 Winks

Outside The Box
It's The Trip 2011 via Project Mooncircle
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Zeb Samuels

They Have Lost Jesus - Ash Walker
Cosmic Vibrations 2018 via This Compilation
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Raspberry Jam
single 2019 via Kemado Records, Inc.
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Waterbed Hev
Tiny Bubbles 2020 via Future Archive Recordings
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9:20 pm


No Helmet Up Indianola
single 2020 via RJ's Electrical Connections
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Hubert Tas

Unfinished 2019 via independent
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Friday Fish Fry - Maribou State & Pedestrian Remix
single 2014 via Ninja Tune
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Summers Sons

A Moment to Bill It (Beat Edit)
single 2020 via Melting Pot Music
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One Last Time
One Last Time - EP 2020 via Friends of Friends
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Labyrinth 2020 via Loci Records
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9:00 pm