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Playlist from 01/05/2020 @ 8:00pm

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Grand Rapids Soul Club Radio Hour

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ice t

new jack hustler
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Paul Hardcastle

Rain Forest
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single 2011 via eD bANGER
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Benoit & Sergio

Where The Freaks Have No Name
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Distant Destiny
single 1981 via polydor
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File 13

Taste So Good
single 1984 via Profile
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Untouchables 1983 via Solar
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J.T. Parker

If You Want To Hold On
single 1965 via Academy
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7 Days Unlimited

Trying (Pt. 1)
single 1972 via big town
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The Motherhood

Back In The Grass
Single 1970 via United Artists
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The Pentangle

I Saw An Angel
single 1972 via Reprise
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Little Ann

Deep Shadows
Detroit's Secret Soul 2019 via Ace
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little ed

it's a dream
single 1973 via Fised
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smoke sugar company

save a little love for a rainy day
single 1970 via teri de
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Myron & E

On Broadway
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Money Won't Save You
Boscoe 1972 via numero
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Les DeMarle

Transfusion 1978 via Dobre
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Tom Scott

Give Me Your Love
Street Beat 1979 via CBS
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Because of You
single 1983 via Total Experience
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