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Playlist from 11/10/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Pink Sky

Meditations 2019 via Independent


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False Enemy (of Mary Tudor)
Tennyson 2012 via Luke Tennyson Pretty
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Prayers ii
Anicca 2019 via Brainfeeder
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Poni Hoax

Tropical Suite: Sao Paulo
Tropical Suite 2017 via Pan European Recording
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Hot Sugar

Bury me in these clothes
single 2019 via Noise Collector Records
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burbank & dreambank

shadows, in a moving car
single 2019 via independent
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9:40 pm


After Midnight
Filoxiny 2018 via Lewis Recordings
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Dawn of Midi

Dysnomia 2015 via Erased Tapes Records
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Laurence Guy

Drum is a Woman
Saw You for the First Time 2017 via Church
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Hector Plimmer

Before the Sun ft. Ego Ella May
Next to Nothing 2019 via Albert's Favourites Ltd.
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Tosama Beats

single 2019 via Lofi Fruits / Strange Fruits
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9:20 pm

Sudan Archives

Black Vivaldi Sonata
Athena 2019 via Stones Throw
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Ol' Burger Beats

Set It
Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2018 via Mutual Intentions
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Maxfield Ave Blues
single 2018 via independent
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Bust Free 19 2015 via Cold Busted Record Company
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Blue Lab Beats

Next (Wake Up) ft. Sampa the Great
single 2019 via Blue Adventure
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Rocking Chair
Bloom Innocent 2019 via R'COUP'D
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9:00 pm