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Playlist from 10/27/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys

Vesica Piscis 2010 via independent
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After Gold
Cambio Wechsel 2009 via Schnozza Music
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Makaya McCraven

Suite for Artis Gilmore
Where We Come From 2018 via International Anthem
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Amon Tobin

Full Panther
single 2019 via Nomark
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9:40 pm

Jimmy Whoo

Perfect World
single 2019 via Free Hand Records
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Fellini Felin

Breath Hold
Temporary Fiction 2017 via Delicieuse Records
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Balera De Mar
Dead Dance 2015 via Agogo Records
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Sweatson Klank

Gold Smoke
single 2019 via Friends Of Friends
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Natureboy Flako

Twelve O'Clock Shadow
Natureboy 2015 via Five Easy Pieces
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Nick Mitdemkopf

Hektik am Block - Instrumental
Hektik am Block 2019 via Nyati / HHV
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Hot Sugar

View from the corner
single 2019 via Noise Collector records
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9:20 pm

Suzanne Kraft

Never Heated
Talk from Home 2015 via Jonathan William Nash
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Two Tone Swordsmen

It's Not The Worst (Lali Puna Remix)
Further Reminders 2001 via Warp Records Limited
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Jon Kennedy

single 2017 via Jon Kennedy Federation
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Family Time

Another Night On The Isle
The Great Abismo 2019 via independent
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Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn

Adult Workers
single 2019 via independent
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9:00 pm