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Playlist from 09/15/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Stolen Dog
Street Halo / Kindred 2012 via Hyperdub
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Kruder & Dorfmeister

Black Baby
DJ-Kicks 1996 via !K7 Music
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Cosmo Sheldrake

Wriggle - Instrumental
The Much Much How How and I (Deluxe Edition) 2019 via Transgressive records ltd
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Unterwasser Remix
Sichtexotica IV 2018 via Sichtexot
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9:40 pm

Forest Swords

The Highest Flood
Compassion 2017 via Ninja Tune
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Jean-Christophe Lemay

Spirit Of The Eclipse
Trip Of Hope 2004 via Koka Media
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Odham's Standard 2014 via denovali records
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Kanat Audytywny

D. Dykowaneani D.
Neurofotoreceptoreplotyka magia bytu 2012 via A.A.MTJ
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Ritual (Edited Version)
single 2019 via Loci Records
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9:20 pm


Soul Vibration
A Night On The Rocks 2002 via Warner Music UK
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Cock and Swan

What Was Life? (What's Your Problem?)
Julian's Sword 2017 via Dandelion Gold
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Cat People
Adventures in Foam 1996 via Ninja Tune
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The Best of Soapkills 2016 via Crammed Discs
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Tristan De Liege

single 2019 via Loci Records
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9:00 pm