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Playlist from 09/08/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Kammerflimmer Kollektief

A Dark Grey Moonlight In The Lowlands
BiP_HOp Generation Vol.9 2008 via BiP_HOp Records
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Palimpseste (Voyage imaginaire dans les ruines de Detroit) 2018 via Sylvain Daniel
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Over The Days
single 2018 via Handsome Dad
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Living Room

Nano Love
single 2019 via GMM
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9:40 pm


The Bridge
single 2019 via Loci Records
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40 Winks

Sound Puzzle 2007 via Merck Records
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Lana Del Rey

Doin' Time
Norman F'ing Rockwell 2019 via Interscope
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Mr Moods

Theological Jazz
The Jazz Jousters Series, Vol. 2 2019 via Mellennium Jazz Music
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Caravan Palace

Chronologic 2019 via Le Plan
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Palomo Wendel

No Shadow Walk
Morning Glow 2019 via APM Records
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9:20 pm

Jimi Jules

Too Young For Me
Equinox 2016 via Zukenft Recordings
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Ron Basejam

Into My Life
Deep And Meaningless 2010 via ISM Recordings
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Kickinit Alone 2017 via Leaving Records
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Velvet Negroni

Neon Brown 2019 via 4AD/Beggars
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On the Bright Side
single 2019 via Future Archive Recordings
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9:00 pm