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Playlist from 08/25/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Jon Kennedy

Once Upon a Time
single 2019 via Jon Kennedy Federation
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Mother Forget
Can't Buy the Mood 2019 via LUSTRE
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autumn keys

In Passing
single 2019 via Radio Juicy
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Christopher Schwarzwalder

Out the Window 2019 via Hold Your Ground
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9:40 pm


Grown Into You
single 2019 via Friends of Friends
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Joe Nora, Karavelo

Favorite Color, Rain 2019 via Effortless Audio
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It Nan
single 2019 via independent
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single 2019 via Lofi Fruits / Strange Fruits
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Jazz Spastiks

Super Fly Funk (instrumental)
single 2019 via HHV
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Hold Your Thought
single 2019 via Golden Ticket Tapes
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Emily Wells

Rock n Roll Man
This World is Too _____ for You 2019 via Thesis & Instinct
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9:20 pm

Wilczynski, Phlocalyst

Beats with Brothers Vol. 1 2019 via Vinal Digital GmbH
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L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae

Dead Battery
single 2019 via Mello Music Group
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Flatpocket, Twit One

Galaxy Girl
Dispo II Dispo 2019 via Melting Pot Music
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The Night's Due 2019 via Pain Surprises
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Jesse James

Cross My Heart
single 2019 via R4W Record
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Mr. Moods

Laws of Gravity
The Jazz Jousters Series, Vol. 2 2019 via Millennium Jazz Music
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9:00 pm