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Playlist from 05/19/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Woody Goss

Black-winged Stilt
single 2018 via independent
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Call Super

Arpo Sunk
Arpo 2017 via Houndstooth
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Jesse James

single 2019 via R4W Record
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Club Kuru

Giving In 2018 via Dog Holiday Records
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Leon Vynehall

Envelopes (Chapter VI) - Edit
Envelopes 2018 via Vynehall Limited / Ninja Tune
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9:40 pm

Black Savage

Black Savage 2018 via Afro7 Records
a note about this track

Originally released in 1975

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Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno

Westbound Train
Death of the Revolution 2008 via Tru Thoughts
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Elliott Smith

Kiwi Maddog 20/20 (Version 2)
Roman Candle 1994 via Kill Rock Stars
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Glenn Astro & Hodini

Viktor and the Quasar
Turquoise Tortoise 2018 via Apollo Records
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Hailu Mergia

Yegle Nesh
Hailu / Yegle Nesh 2015 via Philophon
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Sebastian Kamae

single 2018 via independent
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9:20 pm

The Sha La Das

Open My Eyes
Love In The Wind 2018 via Daptone
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Amon Tobin

Permutation 2998 via Ninja Tune
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Hakan Hellstrom

Du gamia (That's Alright Since My Soul Got A Seat Up In The Kingdom)
Du gamia du fria 2016 via Tro och Tvivel/Woah Dad!
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Sampa The Great

Birds And The Bee9 2017 via Big Dada
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Fab Beat

Help Coco
single 2018 via Komorebi Records
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Joe Nora

Tamarind Ave
Fell Into The Pool 2019 via Inner Ocean Records
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9:00 pm