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Playlist from 04/21/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Jean du Voyage

Mantra 2016 via Jarring Effecrs Label
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Kratos Himself

Solstice / Part 1 2018 via Youngbloods
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Peace, Love & Music 2015 via independent
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Flying Lotus

Massage Situation
Cosmic Virations 2018 via This Compilation
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Long Arm

For All People With Broken Hearts
Darkly 2018 via Project Mooncircle
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9:40 pm


Big Small Talks
Zoning Out Vol. 2 2019 via Cold Busted Record Company
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Jimmy Whoo

Long Time No See
Motel Music Part. 1 2015 via Grand Ville Records
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Who's Mad @ Who
Threads 2003 via Ford Lane
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Hector Plimmer

Sunshine 2017 via Albert's Favourites Ltd.
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Wendy Rene

After Laughter (Comes Tears)
Light In The Attic 10 Year Anniversary 2012 via Light In The Attic
a note about this track

originally released 1964

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This Pertains to Solitude
single 2019 via 758665 Records DK
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9:20 pm


2014.12.31 2019 via independent
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Elements of Music

Get Along (feat. Anderson .Paak & Blu)
Sunrain 2015 via Black Mannequins LLC
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The Sound Defects

Take Out
The Iron Horse 2008 via Tone Def Systems
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What is Love
Paradise for All 2012 via Heavenly Sweetness
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Agua Viva ft. Nina Miranda
Hafa 2016 via Soundway Records
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Living Room

Are You a Giver or Are You a Taker
single 2019 via GMM
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9:00 pm