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Playlist from 03/03/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Night Stories 2019 via Midwest Collective
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i ain't scared of no devil
selftitled 2017 via Cosmic Compositions
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feat. dj godfrey ho

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Life on Planets

Fork in the Path - David Marston & Dan Izco Remix
A Public Affair (Remixes) 2015 via Double Standard Records
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Ningyo 2018 via Banzai Lab
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9:40 pm

Jesse James

50's Japan
single 2018 via R4W Record
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Where Are You (Love For JL)
Manji 2013
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Nick Hakim

Papas Fritas
Where Will We Go Part 1 & 2 2015 via Earseed Records
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Hector Plimmer

Sunshine - Emma-Jean Thackray Remix
Sunshine Remixed 2018 via Albert's Favourites Ltd.
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single 2019 via independent
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Pronounced 'Honey'

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9:20 pm

Mister & Curt Cataract

I'm Not the One
Approaching Land 2019 via Cold Rhymes Records
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Regional (Detroit)

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Jay Daniel

Paradise Valley
Broken Knowz 2016 via Technicolour
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Another Point of View 2013 via Fremdtunes
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00110100 01010100

0181 000 0010
0181 2017 via 74 65 78 74
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Side project of Four Tet. Fun fact: Binary 00110100 01010100 translates to 4T.

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Haunted Water
Mazy Fly 2019 via Sacred Bones
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9:00 pm