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Playlist from 01/20/2019 @ 9:00pm

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Little People

Lozenge Less
Landloper 2019 via Future Archive Recordings
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Long Arm

Silent Opera
single 2018 via Project Mooncircle
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single 2018 via Brunch Collect
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Chapelier Fou

Darling, Darling, Darling...
Darling, Darling, Darling... 2009 via Louis Warynski
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Rene Schier

Crafter 2017 via Jack Else
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9:40 pm


Everyone's Got...
Sound of Sinning 2015 via Independent

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The Healer
Beats Unraveled 2017 via Binkbeats
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single 2018 via Golden Ticket Tapes
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The Herbaliser

The Sensual Woman
Very Mercenary 1999 via Ninja Tune
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Dday One

It's Just a Playground
Heavy Migration 2008 via Content Label
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9:20 pm

armel blue.

Let's go somewhere.
single 2018 via Independent
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Savath & Savalas

Te Quiero Pero Por Otro Lado...
Apropa't 2004 via Warp Records
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Bluff ft Feverkin & Sendai Mike
single 2018 via Koresma
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Noche Suenos
Mala in Cuba 2012 via Brownswood Recordings
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The Sound Defects

The Iron Horse 2008 via Tone Def Systems
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Everything is Recorded

She Said f. Obongjayer, Ibeyi
Everything Is Recorded By Richard Russell 2018 via Beggars/XL
a note about this track

Also features Kamasi Washington

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9:00 pm