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Pat Benatar

Please Come Home For Christmas
Synchronistic Wanderings - Compilation 1999 via Chrysalis
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Disc 3, Track 5

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The Kora Band

Over-Caffeinated And Under-Fed
Cascades 2010 via OA2 Records
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The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Pushin' On (feat Alice Russell)
Tru Thoughts Funk 2010 via Tru Thoughts
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Lying Eyes
Sound of Sinning 2015 via Independent

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Mt. Crushmore
Mt. Crushmore 2017 via Independent
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4:40 am
Martin Sexton - Wealthy (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Intersection presenting Martin Sexton Live in concert on Wednesday January 9th in Wealthy Theatre. 

Sexton is an American singer & songwriter that blends many genres of American music, including soul, gospel, country, and R&B into his work. 

A master of vocal and instrumental improvisation, Sexton has a large following. Chris Trapper opens the show! 

 Martin Sexton Wednesday January 9th at 7PM in Wealthy Theatre Tickets are available now at section live dot com and wealthy theatre dot org

Shintaro Sakamoto

Mask On Mask
How to Live With a Phantom 2012 via Fat Possum
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Earth Not Above
Full Circle 2016 via Matador
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Beautiful Bones
Now Is Light 2018 via Independent
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Joey Ramone

Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Ya Know 2012 via BMG
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Charley Crockett

Lil' Girl's Name
Lonesome As A Shadow 2018 via Thirty Tigers
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4:20 am
Promo - Artist of the Day (click for more info)

Each weekday at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm, WYCE brings you music from our Artist of the Day.

We'll share a track or two and some fun facts about some of our favorite artists in celebration of a new album, birthday, important anniversary, or Grand Rapids appearance.

Hear WYCE's Artist of the Day - weekdays at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. And find out more about each artist by visiting the new WYCE dot org!


Almost Had It All
Fall in Love 2018 via Luminelle
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Grand Rapids artist


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Eat the Light 2016 via Independent
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feat. Oriel Poole


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Life in the City
Life In The City 2018 via Electric Habitat Music
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The Revivalists

You Said It All
Take Good Care 2018 via Loma Vista
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4:00 am
Young Leaders Against Violence (click for more info)


Glass Animals

Life Itself
How To Be A Human Being 2016
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Hot Roux

Misery Misery
Hometown Blues 2017 via Hi Hat Records
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Candye Kane

You Need a Great Big Woman
Diva La Grande 1997 via Discovery / Wea
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The Gasoline Gypsies

One More Taste
Vagabundos 2018 via Independent
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Detroit artist


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The White Blinds

Get To Steppin'
Get To Steppin' 2018 via F-Spot Records
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3:40 am
Asian Center of West Michigan (click for more info) Email: Office: 1444 Michigan Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone: (616) 301-3987

The Bamboos

Golden Ticket
Night Time People 2018 via Pacific Theatre/BMG
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May Erlewine & The Motivations

Get Right
In The Night [EP] 2018 via EarthWorkMusic
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Michigan Artist

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Macy Gray

Over You (Album)
Single 2018 via Mack Avenue
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Jamila Woods

Giovanni (2)
Single 2018 via Jagjaguwar
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Amerigo Gazaway

Christmas Day
A Christmas Album 2018 via Independent
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3:20 am
Dwelling Place - Live Work Spaces [Audio PSA] (click for more info)

Oh Pep!

What's the Deal with David?
I Wasn't Only Thinking About You.._ 2018 via ATO Records
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The Greeting Committee

This Is It 2018 via Harvest
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Roosevelt Diggs

Another Mistake
Better Days 2018 via Independent
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Grand Rapids band


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Jackie Greene

Crazy Comes Easy
The Modern Lives, Vol. 2 2018 via Blue Rose Music


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Jade Bird

Uh Huh
Single 2018 via Glassnote Records
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3:00 am
Open Doors for Teens [Audio PSA] (click for more info)

1324 Lake Drive SE, Suite #1, Grand Rapids, MI 49506