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Joshua Davis

Come On Up to the House
SECONDHAND 2018 via EarthWorkMusic


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Jen Sygit

I'm Ready
It's About Time 2018 via Independent


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My Morning Jacket

I'm Amazed
Evil Urges 2008 via Ato Records / Red
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Pink Sky

Forms 2018 via Independent


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11:40 am

Carrie McFerrin

The Wolves
The Wolves 2018 via Independent
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Dacia Bridges

Keep The Light On
That's The Sound 2017 via Independent
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11:30 am


A Timeless Memory
Syts 2014 via Independent
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Jack Droppers & The Best Intentions

Image Of God
I Just Wanna Play Rock & Roll With My Friends 2017 via Independent

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11:20 am

Open Mic on WYCE

Steve Leaf, Dan Rickabus, Alex Atkin
na 2018 via na
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11:00 am

The Crane Wives

Steady, Steady
The Fool in Her Wedding Gown 2012 via The Crane Wives, LLC.


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Seth Bernard

Catfish Computer
This Here 2008 via Earthwork Music


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Dan Rickabus

Wind On The Rise
Void - Journal 2017 via EarthWorkMusic
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Steve Leaf & The Ex Pats

Lightspeed 2015 via Earth Work


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10:40 am
Pyramid Scheme - Public Access (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Pyramid Scheme, a pub and music venue in the Heartside neighborhood. 

This Friday October 5th the venue hosts Michigan music super-group and Jammie award nominees Public Access.

The Dan Rickabus Band opens the show. Proceeds benefit The Clean Water Campaign.

 Ages 21+ are welcome Doors at 8PM. Tickets and more details can be found at pyramid scheme bar dot com

Frank Zappa

Transylvania Boogie
Kill Ugly Radio Some More 1995 via Rykodisc
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Serita's Black Rose

What I Got
Serita's Black Rose 2016 2016 via Independent


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The Motet

Know It Too Well
Totem 2016 via Independent
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10:30 am
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Delilah DeWylde And The Lost Boys

Funnel of Love
Win My Love 2012 via Wylde Time Records


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Pokey LaFarge

Coffee Pot Blues
Middle Of Everywhere 2011 via Free Dirt Records
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10:20 am
West Michigan Jazz Society (click for more info)

(616) 490-9506

House Of Hamill

Heart Shaped Box
Wide Awake 2017 via Independent
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Channing & Quinn

Temporary Things
Temporary Things 2014 via Independent


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Bello Spark

Just Like You and Me
Among The Lights 2016 via Independent


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Barrel Bones

Rebel Threat
Blues and Blood 2018 via Independent
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10:00 am
GRTV [ audio PSA] (click for more info)

Twitter: grtvaccess (616) 459-4788 711 Bridge St NW 49504

The Hacky Turtles

Sonder 2018 via Independent
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Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish

Shakin' Feet
Angry 2016 via Independent

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Scott Pellegrom Trio

The Sauce
Supernaturalbang 2015 via Independent


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Big Dudee Roo

Beautiful Justice
Listen to Your Discontent 2012 via Independent


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9:40 am
Children's Assessment Center (click for more info)

Children's Assessment Center was founded in 1991 as an assessment, care and support service to child victims of suspected sexual assault. Children's Assessment Center provides crisis counseling, medical, forensic interview, legal investigation and child protective services, as well as education and prevention programs. Services are available on site, and every family has access to any of the services they need, free of charge, every time. C A C dash Kent dot org

Arcade Fire

Wake Up
Funeral 2004 via Merge Records
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Mustard Plug

Time to Wake Up
In Black And White 2007 via Hopeless Records


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Luke Winslow-King

Im Glad Trouble Dont Last Always
Im Glad Trouble Dont Last Always 2016 via Bloodshot


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Daisy May

Rise Up Singing
Mother Moon 2007 via Earthwork


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Complicated Animals

In This Game 2015 via Socialite Fiasco


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9:20 am
River City Wild Ones (click for more info) (616) 308-8176

The Founding

Silhouettes Against The Soil
Form 2017 via THEFOU


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Tinker's Tea

Foggy Dew-The Cannongate
The Mummer's Jig 2007 via Independent
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Dead Can Dance

The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Toward The Within [Live] 1994 via 4AD
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Screaming Orphans

Oro Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile
Belle's Isle 2009 via na
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9:00 am
Circle Theatre (click for more info)

Circle Theatre aims to enrich, entertain and educate our community through exceptional theatrical arts in an intimate setting. Circle serves the diverse segments of our community with multi-faceted programming through Magic Circle, Circle Presents, Main Stage and other performances. Performance schedule and information at circle theatre dot org