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Seth Bernard

This Here (Us)
This Here 2008 via Earthwork Music


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Afro Zuma

Afro Zuma 2013 via Independent


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What Did We Grow Up For
Fauxgrass 2012 via Independent


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No Soy De Aqui
Sin Fronteras 2018 via Independent
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11:40 am
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Elephant Revival

Remembering a Beginning
These Changing Skies 2013 via Everloving Records
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There She Was
Watching It All Fall Apart 2018 via Lo-Hi


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11:30 am

Mystic Dub

Long Road
Palm Tree Sessions 2 2016 via Independent


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De Lux

875 Dollars
More Disco Songs About Love 2018 via Innovative Leisure
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11:20 am
Tax Credit Coalition (click for more info) Phone: 211 Heart of West Michigan United Way 118 Commerce Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Telephone: 616.459.6281 | Fax: 616.459.8460

Stovepipe Stover

Iggy Pop Cassette
Love In The Time Of Satanic Panic 2016 via Independent
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The Ragbirds

Little Things
Finally Almost Ready 2009 via The Ragbirds


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Liz Longley

Peace of Mind
Liz Longley 2015 via Sugar Hill
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Forgotten Love
Single 2018 via Glassnote
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11:00 am


Putumayo Presents- Brazilian Groove 2003 via Putumayo World Music


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Barrel Bones

Save You
Blues and Blood 2018 via Independent
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Still Life
Nebulushh 2016 via Independent
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Exposure Therapy

Boyz Data
Solid State 2018 via Independent
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10:40 am
(Generic) Specialized Language Development (click for more info)

The Specialized Language Development (SLD) Center , a community resource of West Michigan, is committed to bringing the power of reading, writing and spelling to all individuals with dyslexia or other unique learning styles, enabling them to achieve their full potential. They are currently looking for tutors in the West Michigan area. The number to call to find out more is 616 361 1182.

Public Access

Jack Speer
Public Access 2016 via Earthwork Music
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Luke Winslow-King

Better For Knowing You
Blue Mesa 2018 via Bloodshot


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Rory Gallagher

Shadow Play
Notes From San Francisco 2011 via Sony UK
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10:30 am

May Erlewine

In Studio
1 2018 via na
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The Avett Brothers

I and Love and You
I And Love And You 2009 via Sony
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10:00 am
Rapidian Workshop (click for more info)

Cameron Blake

Fear Not
Fear Not 2017 via Independent


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Jake Kershaw

Angel Of Mercy
Piece Of My Mind 2017 via Independent


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Lazy Genius

What We Are
Holographic 2017 via Independent


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Pink Sky

Broken Keys
Forms 2018 via Independent
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9:40 am
Blue Bridge Music Fest 2018 (click for more info)

We are proud to host the return of WYCE/Hopcat Blue Bridge Music Festival at ArtPrize Ten --- 

"A World of Music" from right here in West Michigan performed on the iconic Blue Bridge in downtown Grand Rapids during ArtPrize. 

 Blue Bridge Fest is this Friday and Saturday September 28th and 29th - with performances by: 

 Pink Sky, Lazy Genius, Lindsay Lou, The Seventh, Jake Kershaw, Molly, Cameron Blake, and Lipstick Jodi 

 The event is completely free! More information on our website - WYCE dot org!

Dolly Parton

Don't Think Twice
Blue Smoke 2014 via Sony Masterworks
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Stairway to Heaven
Millish 2005 via NA


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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004 via Hollywood Records


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Caravan Of Thieves

Bohemian Rhapsody
Mischief Night 2010 via Independent
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9:20 am
GRPM - Queen (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from the Grand Rapids Public Museum: 

Experience the Chaffee Planetarium as never before with a brand new Light Show featuring the music of Queen! 

Recline as 10 of Queen's greatest hits including favorites like Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, and You're My Best Friend are on display! 

This brand new Light Show will "rock you"! 

Visit G R P M - DOT - O R G for tickets and showtimes. 

Grand Rapids Public Museum. Be Curious.

Carrie McFerrin

Words You Say
The Wolves 2018 via Independent
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The Hacky Turtles

Sonder 2018 via Independent
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Your Love
Single 2018 via Arts & Crafts
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Lindsay Lou

Roll With Me
Southland 2018 via Independent
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Jen Sygit

Love is Wild
It's About Time 2018 via Independent


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9:00 am
Rapidian Workshop (click for more info)