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Playlist from 09/16/2018 @ 9:00pm

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Maddie Jackson

Dry Eyes
Hollows [EP] 2018 via Independent
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Nicola Cruz

Cumbia del Olvido (Jiony Remix)
Prender El Alma (Remixed) 2016 via ZZK Records
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Clutchy Hopkins

Drunk Socks
The Storyteller 2010 via UBIQUITY RECORDS
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Sunset (Ft Shigeto)
Three/Three 2018 via Ghostly International
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Pastel Arsenal

If You Want To 2018 via Young Heavy Souls
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Hot in the Shade
Heat 2017 via Poolside Records
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9:40 pm

Wax Tailor

Diggin' Saloon
By Any Beats Necessary 2016 via Lab'Oratore
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- Tremolo Audio - Nylon 2 (TrifGCasico Mix)
Para Armar 2013 via Independant
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Monkeytown 2011 via Monkeytown records
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Still Corners

Slow Air 2018 via Wrecking Light
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Performing September 22 @ The Pyramid Scheme

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9:20 pm

Mocean Worker

Do Like You Like
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You Darken My Night
The Lost Record 2018 via Merge
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LP3 2008 via Xl Recordings
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Tryptych, Pt. 2
Music by Cavelight 2004 via Ninja Tune
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Performing October 11 @ The Pyramid Scheme

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Jeff The Brotherhood

Singing Garden
Magick Songs 2018 via Dine Alone
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9:00 pm