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The War and Treaty

Are You Ready to Love Me
Healing Tide 2018 via Strong World/Thirty Tigers
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Reverend Freakchild

All I Got Is Now
Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues 2015 via Independent
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May Erlewine

Easy Now
Love Labor 2009 via Earthwork
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Jukejoint Handmedowns

Call Of The Wild 2017 via Idle Hands


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The Weatherheads

Last Deejay
Live At One Trick Pony 2010 via Independent


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11:40 am
Promo - Concert Calendar (click for more info)

Check out "WYCE dot org" to stay in tune with Grand Rapids area concerts. 

Our online concerts and events calendar lets you know the best local spots to hear live music by WYCE-approved musicians.

Please send concert listings to

Concert Calendar is a free service of Grand Rapids Community Media Center.


Life on Mars
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2004 via Hollywood Records


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Yonder Mountain String Band

Two Hits And The Joint Turned Brown
Mountain Tracks, Volume 2 2002 via Sci Fidelity Records
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11:30 am
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Deerfield Run

Sad-Eyed Lady
Deerfield Run 2018 via Independent
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Joshua Davis

High on a Mountain
SECONDHAND 2018 via EarthWorkMusic


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The Magpie Salute

You Found Me
High Water I 2018 via Eagle Rock Records
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11:20 am
20 Monroe - Magpie Salute (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from 20 Monroe Live 

 Tickets are on sale now for The Magpie Salute at 20 Monroe Live Wednesday September 5th 

The Magpie Salute brings together the reunited definitive Black Crowes guitar duo of Rich Robinson and Marc Ford, with bassist Sven Pipien - touring in support of their upcoming debut studio album High Water 1

Tickets and information for The Magpie Salute performing at 20 Monroe Live on September 5th can be found at or at the venue box office 11 Ottawa Avenue NW

Open Mic on WYCE

na 2018 via na
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11:00 am

Hollywood Makeout

Space Jam
Speedo Spider 2017 via DizzyBird
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Sleepy Tea
Homey 2017 via Sumerian Records
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Lazy Genius

Making It Right
Strange Plains Dark Grooves 2009 via Independent


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Gringo Star

World Of Spin
Long Time Gone 2014 via Dizzybird


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10:40 am
Pyramid Scheme - Dizzybird 4 Year (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Pyramid Scheme, a pub and music venue in the Heartside neighborhood. 

Tomorrow Thursday August 30th Grand Rapids independent record label Dizzybird Records celebrates 4 years of pressing with Gringo Star - releasing the new album "Back To The City" 

alongside label mates The Harlequins, Hollywood Makeout, and Lazy Genius! 

 All ages welcome. Doors at 8:30PM. Tickets and more details can be found at pyramid scheme bar dot com

Town Mountain

Comin Back To You
Southern Crescent 2016 via Lohi Records
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Mark Lavengood

Hungry Heart
We've Come Along 2017 via EarthWorkMusic


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10:30 am
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Pink Sky

Forms 2018 via Independent
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Public Access

Isle Royale
Unlimited 2018 via EarthWorkMusic
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10:20 am
Habitat for Humanity - Kent County (click for more info) 425 Pleasant Street SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone (616) 774-2431 Fax (616) 774-4120 Toll Free 1-800-HABITAT

Carrie McFerrin

When A Gun Goes Off
The Wolves 2018 via Independent
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Olivia Mainville

I Need Time
Maybe The Saddest Thing 2015 via Independent

website | facebook

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Dale Wicks

Let's Stand Up Together
Only Passing Through 2016 via Independent


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Joe Rodriguez

Song Eleven
Joe 2015 via Independant


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The Hacky Turtles

Astro Blastro 2017 via Independent
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10:00 am
(Generic) C-SNIP (click for more info)

The Community Spay-Neuter Initiative Partnership (C-SNIP) seeks to significantly reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats in West Michigan by providing low-cost spay and neuter services and by supporting all efforts that promote humane population control. C-SNIP is always looking for volunteers who share the belief that sterilization of dogs and cats results in healthier pets and reduces the number of abandoned and unwanted pets. More information about C-SNIP can be found by calling 616-455-8220 or by emailing

Rachel Curtis

We Are Fish
Senses 2018 via Independent
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Big Dudee Roo

Germination 2010 via Independent


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Stories Don't End
Stories Don't End 2013 via HUB
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Tom Petty

Wildflowers 1994 via Warner Bros / Wea
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9:40 am
Dawes (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from Kalamazoo State Theater presenting An Evening with California indie quartet Dawes - Sunday September 9th - in support of their 6th studio album "Passwords". 

The performance features two full sets of music with no opening act. 

Tickets are now on sale at, or the Kalamazoo State Theater ticket office. 

Every online ticket purchase for an 'Evening With Dawes' comes with either a physical CD or digital copy of their new album!

The Bootstrap Boys

Drink Twice for Yes
Country Songs for Sale 2015 via Independent


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Jake Kershaw

Sitting In The Rain
Piece Of My Mind 2017 via Independent


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Afro Zuma

Afro Zuma 2013 via Independent


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9:20 am
Junior League of Grand Rapids (click for more info)

The Junior League of Grand Rapids is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism; developing the potential of women; and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The Junior League empowers women to take action in the greater Grand Rapids area through leadership training and development. Meet some amazing women; learn about the League, their projects and fundraisers at Junior League GR dot com

Lost Dog

Fall From Grace
Homeward Bound 2017 via na
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The Infamous Stringdusters

Moon Man
Fork In The Road 2007 via Sugarhill [Country]


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Lake Street Dive

I Want You Back
Fun Machine 2012 via Signature Sounds
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Elton John

Madman Across The Water
Madman Across The Water 1971 via Island
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9:00 am
Blandford Nature Center (click for more info)

Blandford Nature Center is a non-profit that believes children and adults learn best through personal experience. Blandford invites the community to get its hands dirty in nature - whether through standing knee-high in water to learn about stream ecology​, getting a close-up view of an owl for the first time,​ or planting squash seeds to start a garden. 

Blandford offers field trips, community programs, rentals, and day camps​ through an active outdoor environmental lab, led by a team of passionate, knowledgeable people with a strong link from past to future, promoting sustainability. 

​Blandford Nature Center ​has been a part of the West Michigan community for decades and continues to be your gateway to the outdoors!

Find out more by visiting "blandford nature center dot org" or calling 616-735-6240.