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Exposure Therapy

You Make The Night
Solid State 2018 via Independent
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Mary Chapin Carpenter

Shut Up And Kiss Me
Party Doll And Other Favorites 1999 via Sony
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Nahko and Medicine for the People

All Can Be Done
HOKA 2016 via Medicine Tribe
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Bruce Cockburn

If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Stealing Fire 1984 via Sony
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11:40 am

Phoebe Bridgers

Stranger In The Alps 2017 via Dead Oceans
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Pink Sky

Air Chrysalis
Forms 2018 via Independent
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11:30 am

Treading Bleu

Stories Telling Themselves
Stories Telling Themselves 2014 via Independent
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11:20 am
GR LIVE (click for more info)

Join WYCE tomorrow at noon in Home at The Bob for a remote broadcast of GR Live. 

This week's musical guests are: Emma Loo and Sarge The Dame

Stop into Home at The Bob to catch the show in person at 20 Monroe Ave NW or stream on your lunchbreak at

The Accidentals

Michigan and Again
Parking Lot 2016 via Independent


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The Muteflutes

The Ballad of the Rebel Grape 2012 via Independent


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Public Access

Isle Royale
Unlimited 2018 via EarthWorkMusic
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Deerfield Run

The Getaway
Deerfield Run 2018 via Independent
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10:40 am
D.A. Blodgett / St. John's (click for more info)

D.A. Blodgett - St. John's works to enhance the well being of children and their families by providing traditional and innovative programs that will assure the best opportunities to realize their potential as human beings. Services include family counseling, therapy, pregnancy support, adoption, foster care, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. Learn more at D A Blodgett dot org

Here Come The Mummies

Cruel Old Sun
Cryptic 2013 via Self-Released
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Sheryl Crow

Love Is a Good Thing
Sheryl Crow 1996 via A&M
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10:30 am

Seth Bernard

American Earth
Reconciliation & The Mystical Beyonda 2014 via Earth Work


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U.S. Blues
Deadicated- A Tribute to the Grateful Dead 1991 via Arista


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10:20 am
Muskegon River Watershed Assembly [generic] (click for more info)

The Muskegon River Watershed Assembly is dedicated to the preservation, protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the Muskegon River, the land it drains, and the life it supports, through educational, scientific and conservation initiatives. M R W A dot org

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon

Saturday Night
Saturday Night 2011 via Independent


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The Bootstrap Boys

Drink Twice for Yes
Country Songs for Sale 2015 via Independent


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Joshua Davis

Take a Turn On Me
Magnolia Belles 2011 via Earthwork


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Greensky Bluegrass

Forget Everything
If Sorrows Swim 2014 via Big Blue Zoo


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Airborne or Aquatic

Airborne or Aquatic? 2007 via Earthworks


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10:00 am
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre (click for more info)



30 N Division Ave

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Jimmie Stagger

Save Me the Gravy
Cruel Hearted Papa 1991 via Blue Angel Productions


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Mark Lavengood

Hungry Heart
We've Come Along 2017 via EarthWorkMusic


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The North Carolines

All She Needed
na 2018 via na
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Full Cord

Full Cord 2018 via na
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9:40 am
Sight Seer Radio (click for more info) 213 Sheldon Blvd SE # 3 Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4557 (616) 235-0020

Lindsay Lou

The River That I Knew
Southland 2018 via Independent
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Rachel Curtis

Nights Like These
Senses 2018 via Independent
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Dale Wicks

Who I've Been Is Who I'll Always
Soon 2018 via Independent


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Guy Van Duser

The Stars and Stripes Forever
American Finger Style Guitar 1987 via Rounder Select
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Duke Robillard

Guitar Groove-A-Rama 2006 via Stony Plain Music
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9:20 am
Sight Seer Radio (click for more info) 213 Sheldon Blvd SE # 3 Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4557 (616) 235-0020

Zachary James

The Stars I Stripe
The Stars I Stripe 2016 via Independent
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Talking Heads

Burning Down the House
Speaking in Tongues 1983 via Warner Bros / Wea
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Sufjan Stevens

Fourth of July
Carrie & Lowell 2015 via Asthmatic Kitty
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9:00 am
The Arc Kent County (click for more info)

The Arc Kent County advocates for the rights and full participation of all people with developmental disabilities. Together with members, The Arc Kent County works to improve systems of support and services; connect families; inspire communities and influence public policy. They are committed to building inclusive communities through advocacy, support and information. More information at Arc Kent dot org