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Anything funky, greazy, groovy, or stanky. Also anything that's sweet, smooth, soars, or soothes. And everything else that twangs, buzzes, swings or moves. Bring your buzz. Or not. Kick-ass grooves on tap.

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Hot Roux

Another Seven Lonely Nights
Stranger's Blues 2015 via Hi Hat
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Gabriel Mervine

People 2016 via Syncopated Energy Music
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Ruby Boots

Don't Break My Heart Twice
Don't Talk About It 2018 via Bloodshot
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2:40 am

Augie March

Victoria's Secrets
Moo, You Bloody Choir 2007 via Sony
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The Butterfat Trio

Under Dog 2004 via Hi-Lo


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Dom La Nena

Soyo 2015 via Six Degrees
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The Reverend Shawn Amos

Ain't Gonna Name Names
Breaks It Down 2018 via Put Together Music
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Tin Hat Trio

The Rodeo Eroded 2002 via Rope a Dope
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2:20 am

Rayna Gellert

Strike the Bells
Workin's Too Hard 2017 via Storysound
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Johnny Irion

Thirty Inch Coal
Unity Lodge 2002 via Yep Roc Records
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Muddy Gurdy

Shawty Blues
Muddy Gurdy 2018 via VizzTone
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2:00 am

Circles Around The Sun

Kaseys Bones
Interludes For The Dead (Featuring Neal Casal) 2015 via Rhino Records
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1:40 am

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate

Faya 2014 via Cumbancha
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Coco O'connor

Ease Me On Up
Turquoise 2016 via Independant
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You and Me
The Zone 2002 via Velour Recordings
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Cine Prive 2012 via Plug Research
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Lucy Rose

Soak It Up
Something's Changing 2017 via Arts & Crafts
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1:20 am


Imposible Es Nada
EPCYA (EP) 2018 via Independent
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Hollie Cook

Stay Alive
Vessel of Love 2018 via Merge
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Darrell Nulisch

Love Attack
Business As Usual 1991 via Black Top
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Sylvie Lewis

Just You
Translations 2007 via Cheap Lullaby
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1:00 am


People or Cats
Speak 2010 via Suicide Casanova Records
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Leftover Salmon

Better Day
High Country 2014 via Independent
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A Million Years
Looser Futurism 2017 via Polar Vortex
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Dub Syndicate

Sound Clash
Pure Thrill Seekers 2005 via Shanachie
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12:40 am

Hacienda Brothers

Long Way To Town
Arizona Motel 2008 via Proper American
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Shakura S'aida

That Ain't Right
Time 2012 via Electro-Fi
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Eric Mingus and David Amram

Railroad Avenue
Langston Hughes_ The Dream Keeper 2017 via Mode Records
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Eliza Gilkyson

Dark Side of Town
Your Town Tonight 2007 via Red House
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12:20 am

The Amazing

Moments Like These
Ambulance 2016 via Partisan
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Ghost Rock 2008 via Ubiquity


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Para el Fin Del Mundo O El Ano Nuevo
The Living Road 2004 via Nettwerk Records
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Rick Holmstrom

Late In The Night 2007 via M.C. Records
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12:00 am