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Playlist from 04/26/2017 @ 9:00am

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Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band

We Deserve A Happy Ending
Front Porch Sessions 2017 via Family Owned/Thirty Tigers
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The Black Angels

Single 2017 via PTKF
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G. Love

Let the Music Play
Lemonade 2006 via Brushfire Records
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Miles Davis

Freddie Freeloader
Kind Of Blue 1959 via Sony
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11:40 am

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon

Kindness Of Strangers
Tall, Tall Tales 2016 via Earthwork


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Joe Rodriguez

Little Things
Joe 2015 via Independant


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11:20 am

Sam Kenny and Emma Lou

live 4 fund drive
na na via na
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Ruby Jean Rose

No One's Out There (But You)
Shiver 2017 via Independent
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The Cringes

The Dive
Diving In 2017 via Independent
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11:00 am

The Accidentals

Michigan and Again
Parking Lot 2016 via Independent


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Seth Bernard

21st Century Blues
Eggtones Blues 2017 via Earthwork Music/Independent


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Crossroads {Feat. J Ralph}
Spark Seeker- Acoustic Sessions 2013 via Fallen Sparks
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10:40 am

Jimmie Stagger

Save Me the Gravy
Cruel Hearted Papa 1991 via Blue Angel Productions


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Olivia Mainville

I Need Time
Maybe The Saddest Thing 2015 via Independent

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10:30 am

The Turnips

Bon Jon Brovi
Stopwatchtimedrop 2017 via Independent


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Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

North Coast
Songs For The Reaper 2008 via CDBY


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10:20 am

The Avett Brothers

I and Love and You
I And Love And You 2009 via Sony
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Kevin B Klein

Don't Go Away
Good Day to Be Alive 2017 via Independent
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Slim Gypsy Baggage

Right Now
Undercurrents 2017 via Independent
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B3tles 2017 via Big O


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10:00 am

May Erlewine

I Love This City
Love Labor 2009 via Earthwork
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Channing & Quinn

Up North
Up North 2016 via Independant


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Anne Weiss

Day of Celebration
Where Folk Gets the Blues 2012 via Independent
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Bigfoot Buffalo

Spirit Meets The Stone
Bigfoot Buffalo LP 2015 via Independent


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9:40 am

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

Pluto 2017 via Independent


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Justin Avdek & The Underground Circus

People Poppin' Like Popcorn
Don't Forget To Plug In The Sun 2017 via Independent
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Father John Misty

Things It Would Have Been Helpful
Pure Comedy 2017 via Sub Pop
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M Brooks

You Bring Me Back To Life
Wild Shores 2017 via Independent
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9:20 am

Sam Corbin

Look How Far We've Come
Let The Fire Burn Strong 2017 via Earth Work


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Ed Dupas

Do It For Me
Tennessee Night 2017 via Independent


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The Verve Pipe

Nothing Like Your Love
Parachute 2017 via LMNO Pop


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Where's My Love
Single 2017 via Nettwerk
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9:00 am