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Morgan Haner

Paying For My Days
Transmitter Blues 2017 via Independent
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John Mellencamp

Easy Target
Single 2017 via Republic Records / Republic Of Rock
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The Growlers

I'll Be Around
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Single 2017 via 30th Century Records/Columbia
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11:40 am
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Tune in to WYCE for intimate in-studio interviews - and live performances - from local and touring musicians. We bring you up close to some of our favorite acts as they share brand new songs - often before they're even released - with stories and insights behind the music.

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My Morning Jacket

I'm Amazed
Evil Urges 2008 via Ato Records / Red
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Carolyn Koebel

Earth Dance
Breathing Together - Collected Works Vol. II 2017 via Independent


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11:20 am

Fable the Poet

Side Effects (God Bless America)
Project Cast Away 2016 via Independent


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Deerfield Run

NA via NA
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snooze cycle

Coat tails
NA via NA
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Jim James

Know Til Now
Regions Of Light And Sound Of God 2013 via ATO Records / Red
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10:40 am

Red Rio

Piss & Vinegar
NA via NA
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Slim Gypsy Baggage

Break Thru It
Undercurrents 2017 via Independent
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10:30 am
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The Flaming Lips

Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt.1
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots 2002 via Warner Brothers
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feels so good
A Funk Odyssey via Sony
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10:20 am
CARE Resources [Audio PSA] (click for more info) Phone: 616-913-2006 Toll Free: 800-610-6299 Fax: 616-913-2005 Language-line Available TTY: 800-649-3777

David Byrne

Like Humans Do
Look Into The Eyeball 2001 via Virgin Records
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Thievery Corporation

The Heart's a Lonely Hunter
The Cosmic Game 2005 via Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
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The Long And Winding Road
B3tles 2017 via Big O


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Jeff Parker

Get Dressed
The New Breed 2017 via International Anthem
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10:00 am
ARC Kent (click for more info)

The ARC - Kent County 616-459-3339 800-649-3777 (Michigan relay center) Fax: 616-459-5299 629 Michigan Ave. NE, Ste. D Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Tomas Esparza

Good Morning Little School Girl
Live At Naya 2007 via Independent


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Spirit Horses
We The People 1996 via Natural Visions
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Seth Bernard

21st Century Blues
Eggtones Blues 2017 via Earthwork Music/Independent


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9:40 am
Habitat for Humanity - Kent County (click for more info) 425 Pleasant Street SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Phone (616) 774-2431 Fax (616) 774-4120 Toll Free 1-800-HABITAT

Afro Zuma

Followers 2017 via Independent


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Serita's Black Rose

What I Got
Serita's Black Rose 2016 2016 via Independent


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Five by Five

Cats & Communism
Episodes 2016 via Independent
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Emma Loo

Ancient 2016 via Independant
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Delilah DeWylde And The Lost Boys

The Price You Pay
The Price You Pay 2010 via n/a


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9:20 am
(Generic) Specialized Language Development (click for more info)

The Specialized Language Development (SLD) Center , a community resource of West Michigan, is committed to bringing the power of reading, writing and spelling to all individuals with dyslexia or other unique learning styles, enabling them to achieve their full potential. They are currently looking for tutors in the West Michigan area. The number to call to find out more is 616 361 1182.

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

My Side Of The Mountain
Release Your Shrouds 2012 via Earthwork Music
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The Bootstrap Boys

The Whole Earth
All Boots Aboard 2016 via Independent


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Nora Jane Struthers

The Blight
Nora Jane Struthers 2010 via Red Distribution
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The Crane Wives

Pretty Little Things
Foxlore 2016 via Independent


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9:00 am
Master Arts Theatre [generic] (click for more info)

Master Arts Theatre's mission is to develop artists and to engage audiences in theatre that is enriching, encouraging, enlightening and positively impacting West Michigan. Master Arts offers four main stage shows per year and a youth summer stock production. In addition to main stage productions, they offer summer camps for youth, regular classes for children through adults, and a number of touring troupes that perform in a variety of venues. Located at 75 77th Street south west - Master Arts dot org