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Playlist from 02/22/2017 @ 9:00am

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Straight Light

Mechanized Division
Love Over Power 2017 via Independent
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Mustard Plug

Life Is Too Short
In Black And White 2007 via Hopeless Records


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The Concussions

Brain Bats
Newaygo Sound Machine 2016 via Double Crown


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11:40 am

Afro Zuma

Should Never Be
Followers 2017 via Independent


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Slim Gypsy Baggage

Right Now
Undercurrents 2017 via Independent
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11:20 am

Open Mic on WYCE

The Cringes
na na via na
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11:00 am

Seth Bernard

Scale Back Blues
Eggtones Blues 2017 via Earthwork Music/Independent


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Victorious (Clean)
Ep 2016 via Independent

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Jonny Carroll

The Phoenix
The Willow EP 2014 via Independent


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The Soul Syndicate

Child of the Storm
All Of You 2015 via Independent


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10:40 am
The Arc Kent County (click for more info)

The Arc Kent County advocates for the rights and full participation of all people with developmental disabilities. Together with members, The Arc Kent County works to improve systems of support and services; connect families; inspire communities and influence public policy. They are committed to building inclusive communities through advocacy, support and information. More information at Arc Kent dot org

Hannah Rose Graves and Justin Wierenga

Mama's On The Road
Everything We Already Knew 2014 via Independent
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Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish

Shake It
Gravedigger 2014 via Independent

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Move on Up
Rage! 2008 via Velour Recordings
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10:30 am
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Serita's Black Rose

What I Got
Serita's Black Rose 2016 2016 via Independent


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Alicia Marie

A Fantasy Man
Old Soul 2017 via Independent
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10:20 am
Children's Assessment Center (click for more info)

Children's Assessment Center was founded in 1991 as an assessment, care and support service to child victims of suspected sexual assault. Children's Assessment Center provides crisis counseling, medical, forensic interview, legal investigation and child protective services, as well as education and prevention programs. Services are available on site, and every family has access to any of the services they need, free of charge, every time. C A C dash Kent dot org

Dropkick Murphys

The Irish Rover
Going Out in Style 2011 via DROPKICK MURPHYS
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Leaving Town
Power Lines to Electric Times 2009 via CD BABY.COM/INDYS


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(Wo)Man Is Not Alone
Voyager 2014 via Double Phelix

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Breathe Owl Breathe

Dogwalkers of the New Age
Magic Central 2010 via HOMETAPES


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10:00 am
Junior Achievement (click for more info)

To get involved, please visit "West Michigan dot J A dot org" today.


Reverend Horton Heat

Now, Right Now
IT'S MARTINI TIME 1996 via Interscope Records
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Bob Marley

Buffalo Soldier (Stephen Marley Remix)
Legend Remixed 2013 via TUFF GONG / UMGD
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Mark Lavengood

Brenda Lee
No Part of Nothin 2014 via Earth Work


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My Morning Jacket

I'm Amazed
Evil Urges 2008 via Ato Records / Red
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9:40 am
Our Place Peer to Peer (click for more info)

385 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503



Spirit Horses
We The People 1996 via Natural Visions
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Sweet Water Warblers

Circle of the Sun
na na via na
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Break Of Reality

Other Worlds
Ten 2014 via Independent
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Lucid Dreams Ft. Nahko
Amid The Noise And Haste 2014 via ATO
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9:20 am
Center for Inquiry - Michigan (click for more info)

Center for Inquiry Michigan seeks to foster a secular society based on science, reason, humanist values, and freedom of inquiry. CFI promotes the use of critical thinking skills and fact-based research. They host educational and social events for adults and children as well as develop communities where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences. Translating humanist values into action for the common good of humanity, members also give back to their community through service projects. Learn more at C F I Michigan dot org or on Facebook: facebook dot com slash C F I M I

Tracy Chapman

Where You Live 2005 via Elektra / Wea
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Adam Rafferty

Man in the Mirror
I Remember Michael - A Michael Jackson Solo Guitar Tribute 2011 via Crescent Ridge Publishing
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Mumford & Sons

Awake My Soul
Sigh No More 2010 via coop
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All Together
Be Fearless and Play 2009 via Independent
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9:00 am
Grand Rapids Community Foundation (click for more info)

Grand Rapids Community Foundation leads the community in making positive, sustainable change through grantmaking and leadership initiatives. Their mission is to build and manage our community's permanent endowment and lead the community to strengthen the lives of our people. GRCF works to foster academic achievement, build economic prosperity, achieve healthy ecosystems, encourage healthy people, support social enrichment, and create vibrant neighborhoods. More information may be found at GR Foundation dot org