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Playlist from 01/18/2017 @ 3:00am

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Shane German

WYCE Music Director - Pleased to bring you the latest new releases into the WYCE Library as well as revisiting classics that are worth rediscovery. I like it dirty and funky. On air every Thursday 1-3 PM.

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Rickie Lee Jones

Chuck E.'s in Love
Rickie Lee Jones 1979 via Warner Brothers
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Allen Toussaint

Get Out of My Life Woman
Connected 1996 via Nyno
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Charley Crockett

Out Of Bad Luck
In the Night 2017 via Independent
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The Funky Organics

Funky Organics 2016 via Chicken Coop
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Rene Marie

Sound of Red
Sound of Red 2016 via Motema Music
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4:40 am
Pyramid Scheme: Local Showcase #11 (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Pyramid Scheme, a pub and music venue in the Heartside neighborhood.

This Friday, January 20th, The Pyramid Scheme presents Local Showcase #11 with performances by ConvoTronics, Real Lazy Genius, Les Creatif, Shark, plus spoken word from Autopilot, Rachel Gleason, and Fable the Poet.

Tickets and more details may be found at pyramid scheme bar dot com

Serena Ryder

Little Bit of Red
Is it o.k. 2009 via Atlantic
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Fil Bo Riva

Like Eye Did (Edit)
If You're Right, It's Alright 2016 via Pias
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Laura Marling

Rambling Man
I Speak Because I Can 2010 via Astralwerks Records/Emi
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Bell X1

Fail Again, Fail Better
Arms 2017 via Belly Up Records
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Mark Eitzel

The Last Ten Years
Hey Mr Ferryman 2017 via Merge
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4:20 am
Getting Back in Touch (click for more info)

Have you been a programmer for the Best Little Radio Station Around?

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary WYCE is trying to reconnect with former programmers and would love to hear from you!

Please send your name, contact info, years you were on-air, and any other personal message to That's "WYCE 30-T-H at G Mail dot com"

Michael Kiwanuka

Love & Hate (Danger Mouse edit)
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Nick Waterhouse

I Had Some Money (But I Spent It)
Never Twice 2016 via Innovative Leisure
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The Fat Babies

Sing Song Girl
Solid Gassuh 2017 via Delmark
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Money Chicha

Chicha Negra
Echo En Mexico 2017 via Vampi Soul
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Follow the Leader
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4:00 am
Planned Parenthood (click for more info)

Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan is the largest provider of reproductive and sexual health and education services in the region. Planned Parenthood helps people from all walks of life to have access to affordable services that help them plan their families, prevent disease, and make responsible decisions about their sexual health. More information at P P W N M dot org

Saun & Starr

Hot Shot
Look Closer 2015 via Daptone
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Vox Vidorra

I Ran Away
Promise Land 2015 via Independent


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Wax Tailor

The Road Is Ruff (feat. Lee Fields)
Single 2017 via Le Plan
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Mt. Crushmore
Mt. Crushmore 2017 via Independent
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Muddy Magnolias

Brother, What Happened
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3:40 am

Serita's Black Rose

What I Got
Serita's Black Rose 2016 2016 via Independent


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Sonny Knight & The Lakers

I Could Never Get Tired
Sooner Or Later 2016 via Secret Stash
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Michelle Shocked

Lonely Planet
Mexican Standoff 2005 via Mighty Sound
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The Concussions

Whack Job
Newaygo Sound Machine 2016 via Double Crown


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Poets Of Rhythm

More Mess On My Thing
The Anthology 1992-2003 2013 via DapTone
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3:20 am
CMC Board (click for more info)

PJ Harvey

Let England Shake
Let England Shake 2011 via Vagrant Records
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One Day Like This
The Seldom Seen Kid 2008 via Geffen Records
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Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder 2016 via Independant
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Albin Lee Meldau

Lou Lou
Lovers 2017 via Astralwerks
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Caracal 2015 via Capitol
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3:00 am
Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center[AUDIO PSA] (click for more info)

Coopersville Farm Museum & Event Center email: PO Box 64 375 Main Street Coopersville, MI 49404 (616) 997-8555