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The Timnz

The Last Song
1000 Yd. Stare (Promo. Early Release) 2015 via Independent
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Donna the Buffalo

Positive Friction
Positive Friction 2000 via Sugarhill [Country]
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Just Visiting
Ready Or Not 2012 via Independent
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Hearing Eyes

Lake Michigan
Feel Real 2015 via Independent
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11:40 am
Community Media Center [Audio PSA] (click for more info)

Twitter: grcmc CMC Bridge (616) 459-4788 711 Bridge St NW 49504 CMC Wealthy (616) 459-4788 x126 1110 Wealthy St SE 49503

Joe Rodriguez

Giving In
Joe 2015 via Independant


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Olivia Mainville

Maybe The Saddest Thing 2015 via Independent

website | facebook

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Hannah Rose Graves and Justin Wierenga

Home On The Road
Everything We Already Knew 2014 via Independent
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Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

North Coast
Songs For The Reaper 2008 via CDBY


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11:20 am
Grand Rapids Art Museum [audio psa] (click for more info)

101 Monroe Center NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

phone: (616) 831-1000

Drew Nelson

Wealthy Street
Immigrant Son 2005 via Mackinaw Harvest Music


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Joe Jackson

A Little Smile
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Voodoo Visionary

Take the Wheel
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The Sailor Kicks

Low Profile
High Tide 2015 via Independent


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11:00 am
Avenue for the Arts [ AUDIO PSA] (click for more info)

Alexander Lynch

Close My Eyes
Love Lives - EP 2016 via Independent
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Hi-Ker 2014 via Independent

website | facebook

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I Believe in Julio

Party at the Record Store
I Believe in Julio 2013 via Independent


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Mucca Pazza

Holiday On Ice
L.Y.A. 2016 via Leather Bus
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10:40 am
Pyramid Scheme | Mucca Pazza (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Pyramid Scheme, presenting Mucca Pazza live in concert on Saturday, January 9th. Combining marching band traditions and street theater experience with rock band sensibilities, Mucca Pazza quickly found a home for its 30-odd members in the thriving Chicago underground music scene. Their eccentric, frenetic visual presence, and genre-bending original compositions earned them critical praise and a loyal following. The music moves from brass band groove to noise rock to avant-garde game show themes without blinking. Performances can induce geeky freak-outs and nerdy rapture, from either audience or band members, often both. Mucca Pazza appearing live at The Pyramid Scheme on Saturday, January 9th. Tickets and more information is available at pyramid scheme bar dot com

Rachel Zylstra

The Tacit Turn 2015 via Independent


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10,000 Emerald Pools
Candy (EP) 2015 via independent


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10:30 am
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The Soul Syndicate

Child of the Storm
All Of You 2015 via Independent


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Do Not Pass Go
S.O.L 2014 via Independent


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10:20 am
Bethany Refugee Foster Care (click for more info)

Bethany Christian Services - Refugee Foster Care Program 616-224-7540

Roosevelt Diggs

Do No Harm
Songs From The Shed 2014 via Independent


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Delilah DeWylde And The Lost Boys

The Price You Pay
The Price You Pay 2010 via n/a


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Jive At Five

Bye Bye Blackbird
The Tosebo Sessions 2009 via Fobulus Records


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Megan Dooley

Made in Kalamazoo 2015 via Independent
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10:00 am
Blandford Nature Center (click for more info)

Blandford Nature Center is a non-profit that believes children and adults learn best through personal experience. Blandford invites the community to get its hands dirty in nature - whether through standing knee-high in water to learn about stream ecology​, getting a close-up view of an owl for the first time,​ or planting squash seeds to start a garden. 

Blandford offers field trips, community programs, rentals, and day camps​ through an active outdoor environmental lab, led by a team of passionate, knowledgeable people with a strong link from past to future, promoting sustainability. 

​Blandford Nature Center ​has been a part of the West Michigan community for decades and continues to be your gateway to the outdoors!

Find out more by visiting "blandford nature center dot org" or calling 616-735-6240.

The Accidentals

Benign Disillusion
Bittersweet 2014 via Savage Kittens


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Billy Strings & Don Julin

Walk On Boy
Fiddle Tune X 2014 via Independent


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Rick Chyme

GR Christian Segment


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9:40 am
Winter Wheat (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from Wheatland Music Organization presenting the annual Winter Wheat Music Festival at The Intersection on Saturday January 9.
This year's performers include Billy Strings & Don Julin, Delilah DeWylde, Jive at Five, Roosevelt Diggs, The Accidentals, Megan Dooley and many more.
This celebration of traditional music and dance starts at 12:30 and goes til midnight.
Winter Wheat happens Saturday January 9 at the Intersection. Ticket available now at section live dot com


Now you know
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Samuel Seth Bernard & May Erlewine

On the Mend
Welcome Back 2009 via Earthworks


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Rick Chyme & Nixon

Do Do Ya (radio edit)
U.N.I.T.S. 1 2015 via Independent
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Big Dudee Roo

Waking Up
Dudee Free 2016 via Earth Work


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9:20 am
GR Initiative for Leaders (click for more info)

P.O. Box 7865

Grand Rapids, MI 49510


Hello [Radio Edit]
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James Taylor

Before This World 2015 via Concord
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David Bowie

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Pete Seeger

Down by the Riverside
Live At Newport 1993 via Vanguard Records
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9:00 am
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