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Our Love
Our Love 2014 via Merge
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Benjamin Booker

Happy Homes
Benjamin Booker 2014 via ATO
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Worship The Sun 2014 via Innovative Leisure
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Imelda May

Wicked Way
Tribal 2014 via Verve
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5:40 pm
Calvin College - OK Go (click for more info)

WYCE and Calvin College Student Activity Office welcome "OK Go" to Covenant Fine Arts Center, Saturday, October 11 at 8pm.

Continuing a career that includes viral videos, New York Times op-eds, a major label split, and the establishment of a DIY media mini-empire, "OK Go" continue to fearlessly dream and build new worlds in a time when creative boundaries have all but dissolved.

OK Go - Live in Grand Rapids -  Saturday, October 11!

Tickets at Calvin College dot E D U slash Box Office

Luke Temple

Those Kids
Good Mood Fool 2013 via Secretly Canadian
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Got a Girl

I'll Never Hold You Back
I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff 2014 via Bulk Recordings
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Ty Segall

The Clock
Manipulator 2014 via Drag City
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5:30 pm
Odom Re-Use (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from Odom Re-Use!

For 16 years, Odom Re-Use has been providing northwest lower Michigan with used doors, cabinets, commercial displays, lumber, architectural fixtures and decor from its Traverse  City warehouse - as well as salvage services. Now Odom brings those years of experience to a new location, on 4 Mile, just west of Alpine Avenue.

Odom Re-Use, now open in Grand Rapids, 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. More information at O-D-O-M-RE-USE-DOT-COM and on Facebook. 


A Question Isn't Answered
Sun Structures 2014 via Fat Possum
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The History of Apple Pie

Feel Something 2014 via Marshall Teller
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5:20 pm
Seven Steps Up - Pierce Pettis (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from the Pin Drop Concert Series at Seven Steps Up Live Music & Event Venue in Spring Lake - presenting acoustic artists in a silent, listening-room setting in which audiences can enjoy the nuance and subtleties of the music without interruption.

This Saturday, October 11, Seven Stepus Up presents an intimate acoustic evening with singer/songwriter Pierce Pettis in his first Pin Drop concert.

Ages "21 plus" welcome. Doors at 7pm

Tickets and complete concert listings at Pin Drop Concerts dot com


New Name
Mean Love 2014 via DFA
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Cold Specks

A Quiet Chill
Neuroplasticity 2014 via Mute
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Cave Needles

Cave Needles 2014 via GTG


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Lucinda Williams

Big Mess
Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone 2014 via Highway 20
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The Cold
Passage 2012 via Secretly Canadian
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5:00 pm
Amnesty International Grand Rapids (click for more info) Twitter: @ai_grandrapids

Chilly Gonzales

Epigram in E
Solo Piano II 2012 via Arts & Crafts
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Perfume Genius

Too Bright
Too Bright 2014 via Matador
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Power Lines
Dormarion 2013 via Merge Records
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In The Valley Below

The Belt 2014 via Caroline


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4:40 pm
CMC - ArtPrize Critical Discourse (click for more info)

ArtPrize on WYCE- a brief message from CMC Executive Director Tom Clinton

Elephant Stone

Knock You From Yr Mountain
Three Poisons 2014 via Hidden Pony
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Solstice 2014 via Dizzybird Records

website | facebook

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4:30 pm
Play WYCE Events Calendar (click for more info)

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Talk to God
Commune 2014 via Sup Pop
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4:20 pm
Promo - Artist of the Day (click for more info)

Each weekday at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm, WYCE brings you music from our Artist of the Day.

We'll share a track or two and some fun facts about some of our favorite artists in celebration of a new album, birthday, important anniversary, or Grand Rapids appearance.

Hear WYCE's Artist of the Day - weekdays at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. And find out more about each artist by visiting the new WYCE dot org!

Fly Moon Royalty

Unfinished Business (EP) 2014


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Fly Moon Royalty

Piece Of Me


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Fly Moon Royalty

Do What You Say


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4:00 pm

Janelle Monae

The Archandroid 2010 via Atlantic Records
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Miike Snow

Miike Snow 2009 via Downtown
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Zola Jesus

Dangerous Days
Taiga 2014 via Mute
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The Budos Band

The Sticks
Burnt Offering 2014 via Daptone
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3:40 pm
Camp Blodgett [audio PSA] (click for more info)


The Wheel
Tremors 2014 via 4AD
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Artificial Light
White Lighter 2013 via Roll Call Records
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Crooked Fingers

Breaks in the Armor 2011 via Merge Records
a note about this track

Performing at The Pyramid Scheme Fri 11/7

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Sallie Ford

An Ending
Slap Back 2014 via Vanguard
a note about this track

Performing at The Pyramid Scheme Fri 11/7

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3:20 pm
Promo - British Infusion (click for more info)

Sunday nights from 8 to 10pm - Hosted by Mike Scot



Awake 2014 via Ghostly International
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Hunger Of The Pine
This Is All Yours 2014 via Atlantic


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Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas

No Place Left to Hide
Secret Evil 2014 via Instant Records


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On Your Side (EP Version)
Cheerleader 2014 via Bright Antenna
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3:00 pm
Grand Rapids Young Professionals (click for more info) P.O. Box 1458 Grand Rapids MI 49501