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"Mike brings his personality into the music he plays, he will chat with you between sets and then you hear the story he is telling in the tunes he picks out. He takes you on a ride and it is not easy to park the car and get out. I learn something every time I listen to his show." Quinn Mathews, Former WYCE Station Manager "MikeontheMic is an advocate of everything WYCE, because he loves music with a passion. I expect to hear bubbling bass lines, soulful guitar, rocking drums, and powerful voices. In short though....what Mike brings to the listeners of WYCE is TRANSCENDENCE." AJ Paschka, Former WYCE Station Manager "When Mike's on the Mic, the music will be just a bit off center. He finds a way to lead you just beyond your range in an accessible manner. Obviously dedicated to the format and Community Radio." Lee, WYCE Volunteer Programmer "The World would be a better place if everyone was dancing. Also Playing Radio is great fun!" MikeontheMic, WYCE Volunteer Programmer

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Umphrey's McGee

Ocean Billy
Safety in Numbers 2006 via Sci Fidelity Records
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Camper Van Beethoven

Camp Pendleton
El Camino Real 2014 via 429
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Jamie McLean Band

Box of Memories
Sunday Morning 2012 via Independent
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5:40 pm
Beltline Bar Food Drive (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Beltline Bar, helping West Michigan food pantries in the month of May with the first annual Beltline Bar Food Drive.

The goal of the drive is to collect 10,000 donations of nonperishable food items, such as dried fruits, canned goods, dry goods, juice boxes and jarred goods, like peanut butter and pasta sauce. One hundred percent of the donations will go to local food pantries, serving people in need throughout West Michigan.

Donations can be dropped off anytime in May at The Beltline Bar, at the corner of Division and 28th Street. More details at FACEBOOK-DOT-COM-SLASH-BELTLINE-BAR.

The War on Drugs

An Ocean In Between the Waves
Lost in the Dream 2014 via Secretly Canadian
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5:30 pm
Pyramid Scheme - Retro D'Luxe (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from The Pyramid Scheme bar presenting "Retro Deluxe" - the classic music video dance party hosted by DJ Jeff Leppard and Mr. Fables.

Retro Deluxe returns Saturday, May 31st at 9pm.

Ages "21 plus" welcome.

Pyramid Scheme bar is at 68 Commerce SouthWest in Grand Rapids. Tickets at Pyramid Scheme Bar dot com

The Secret Sisters

Put Your Needle Down 2014 via Republic
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Dr. John

Stripped Away
City That Care Forgot 2008 via 429 Records
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5:20 pm

North Mississippi Allstars

Hernando 2008 via Songs of the South
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The Love Feeling
Sun People 2009 via Eighteenth Street
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The Egg

Over There (Bingo)
Something To Do 2013 via 101 Distribution
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5:00 pm
Tax Credit Coalition (click for more info) Phone: 211 Heart of West Michigan United Way 118 Commerce Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 Telephone: 616.459.6281 | Fax: 616.459.8460


The Cost of Living 2014 via Decision
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The String Cheese Incident

Song In My Head 2014 via Sci Fidelity
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Railroad Earth

Like a Buddha
Bird In A House 2002 via Sugarhill [Country]
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4:40 pm
LiveNation - Black Keys (click for more info)

Support for WYCE comes from LiveNation, presenting the Black Keys' return to Van Andel Arena, Sunday, September 7th.

With the worldwide success of their 2011 release "El Camino" The Black Keys have transformed from hard-working garage rockers to a household name. They bring their stage show back to Grand Rapids, supporting their newest release "Turn Blue."

Tickets are on sale now for the Black Keys at Van Andel Arena, Sunday, September 7th, at LIVE-NATION-DOT-COM, TICKETMASTER-DOT-COM and the Van Andel box office.

Jc Stylles

One By One
Blakey Grease 2014 via American Showplace
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Blue Jeans Pizza
The Conch 2006 via Fat Boy Records
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4:30 pm


Run the Plan
Here I Am 2009 via Young Tree Records
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4:20 pm
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Fruit Bats

The Ruminant Band
The Ruminant Band 2009 via Sub Pop
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The Isley Brothers

People Of Today
Harvest For The World 1976 via Sony
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Mingo Fishtrap

On Time 2014 via Blue Corn
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Trey Anastasio

Traveler 2012 via ATO
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4:00 pm
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan (click for more info)

Grand Rapids Office: 161 Ottawa Avenue NW Suite 203-D Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

Pistol Pete
All Her Fault 2014 via Transdreamer
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The Holmes Brothers

Simple Truths 2004 via Alligator Records
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Voodooland 2014 via DO Records
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3:40 pm
Red Project [Audio PSA] (click for more info) (616) 456-9063


A Man Wakes Up
Someday World 2014 via Opal
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The Last Suppit
Rage! 2008 via Velour Recordings
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Jule Brown

Do U Feel Alright
Soldier in the 9th 2007 via Enabler
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The Floating Men

Even While She Sleeps With Me
Pleasurado! 2007 via Independent
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3:20 pm
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Broken Bells

The High Road
Broken Bells [LP] 2010 via Sony
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Dengue Fever

Monsoon of Perfume
Venus On Earth 2008 via M80
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The Wood Brothers

Neon Tombstone
The Muse 2013 via Southern Ground
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Jarekus Singleton

High Minded
Refuse To Lose 2014 via Alligator
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3:00 pm
West Michigan Co-op (click for more info)

The West Michigan Cooperative is the region's first online farmers market. The Co-op serves as a way for local farmers and consumers to stay connected all year long. Co-op members make online purchases from co-op producers then pick up and pay for orders at the monthly pick-up day. Learn more at west michigan coop dot com.