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Beats Antique

A Thousand Faces - Act 1 2013 via Independent
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Andy Statman

Come On Let's Go
Superstring Theory 2013 via Shefa
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Steve Forbert

Good Planets Are Hard to Find
Rocking Horse Head 1996 via Warner Bros / Wea
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5:20 am
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Song For A Winter's Night
Mendicity 2013 via Independent
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David Byrne

The Man Who Loved Beer
Grown Backwards 2004 via Nonesuch
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A Mad And Faithful Telling 2008 via Anti
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Yoshida Brothers

Storm [T.M. Mix]
Yoshida Brothers 2003 via Domo Records
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Bobby McFerrin

A Piece, A Chord
Beyond Words 2002 via Blue Note Records
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5:00 am
Grand Rapids Young Professionals (click for more info) P.O. Box 1458 Grand Rapids MI 49501

Shawn Colvin

New Thing Now
A Few Small Repairs 1996 via Sony
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Patty Larkin

Open Arms (Don't Explain)
Strangers World 1995 via Highstreet
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Trixie Whitley

Fourth Corner 2013 via Strong Blood Records
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Natalie Merchant

Ophelia 1998 via Elektra / Wea
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4:40 am
Grand Rapids Young Professionals (click for more info) P.O. Box 1458 Grand Rapids MI 49501

John Mayer

Waiting On The World To Change
Continuum 2006 via Sony
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Blitzen Trapper

Earth (Fever Called Love)
VII 2013 via Vagrant
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Lights at Sea

Palace Walls
Palace Walls 2010 via Barrett Records


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Whisper In The Wind (Instrumental
E4 (Instrumental) 2013 via Independent
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4:20 am
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Joni Mitchell

Shine 2007 via HEAR MUSIC
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Give A Little More
Curves Ahead 2013 via Earthwork Music


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Edye Evans Hyde

All Blues
Girl Talk 1999 via Disc Makers


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4:00 am

Chet Atkins

The Essential Chet Atkins - The Columbia Years 2004 via Sony
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David Crosby

Dangerous Night
Croz 2014 via Blue Castle
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Elton John

Madman Across The Water
Madman Across The Water 1971 via Island
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3:40 am
Grand Rapids Young Professionals (click for more info) P.O. Box 1458 Grand Rapids MI 49501

Ravi Shankar

The Rough Guide to Ravi Shankar 2004 via World Music Network
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Rick Chyme

Shades Of Blue
The 5iveit LP 2013 via Independent


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Mickey Hart Band

Ghost Rider
Superorganism 2013 via 360
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Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Translate 2013 via Independent


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3:20 am
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Brad Fritcher + Trois

Smooth Silk
Blue Lake Studio Sessions 2013 via Independent


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Airborne or Aquatic

Alden Highway (feat. Lee Sprague)
The Cloud Octopus 2014 via Earthwork


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3:00 am
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