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Jerry Jeff Walker

Old Road
Driftin' Way Of Life 1987 via Vanguard Records
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Louise Taylor

Meet You Here
Written in Red 2000 via Signature Sounds
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In Your Eyes
Here I Stand 1999 via Omnium
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Jimbo Mathus

Be That Way
Knockdown South 2004 via Knockdown South
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2:40 am
UICA [generic] (click for more info)

For more than 30 years, The Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts has offered the community innovative experiences in the latest art forms. Today, they present programs in visual arts, film, dance, literature, performance arts and music. They provide artists with studio space, sales support and educational opportunities - all under one roof. To learn about the UICA and its new location at 2 Fulton Street West - visit UICA dot ORG

Alison Brown

View from Above
Look Left 1994 via Vanguard Records
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Wooden Birds

Long Time to Lose It
Two Matchsticks 2011 via Barsuk
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Tim O'Brien

Turning Around
Two Journeys 2001 via Sugarhill [Country]
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Albert King

Overall Junction
King Of The Blues Guitar 1989 via Atlantic / Wea
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Papa Vegas

Gravity Wars 2011 via CDBY


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2:20 am

Davey Ray Moor

In Too Deep
Telepathy 2004 via Lakeshore Records
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Brothers And Systems

Picture This
Transcontinental Weekend 1992 via Capitol
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Wendy Bucklew

Ode to Over (Heave Ho)
Painting Sidewalks 1994 via Velvet Dwarf
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James Kinds

Take a Look at Yourself
Love You from the Top 2011 via Delmark
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Yes It Is
The Bridge School Concerts- Vol. 1 1997 via Reprise / Wea


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Azam Ali

From Heaven to Dust
Elysium For The Brave 2006 via Six Degrees
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2:00 am
Planned Parenthood (click for more info)

Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan is the largest provider of reproductive and sexual health and education services in the region. Planned Parenthood helps people from all walks of life to have access to affordable services that help them plan their families, prevent disease, and make responsible decisions about their sexual health. More information at P P W N M dot org

Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian Scott

Brown Belle Blues
Ninety Miles 2011 via Concord
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Kate Nash

Merry Happy
Made of Bricks 2008 via Interscope
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Ruthie Foster

Another Rain Song
Stages 2004 via Blue Corn Music
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1:40 am
St. Cecilia Music Center (click for more info)

St. Cecilia Music Center's mission is to promote the appreciation, study and performance of music in order to enrich the human spirit and enhance the quality of life for the residents of West Michigan. St. Cecilia Music Center is located at 24 Ransom NE in downtown Grand Rapids. More information and event listings at SCMC dash ONLINE dot ORG

Eilen Jewell

Santa Fe
Queen of the Minor Key 2011 via Signature Records
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Otis Clay

Love & Happiness
Respect Yourself 2005 via Blind Pig
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The Stanley Brothers

Little Birdie
An Evening Long Ago: Live 1956 2001 via Sony
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Afterhours Experience

Doorstep 3am
Volume 1 2011 via 9/5/2011


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Dr. Didg

Dust Devils 2002 via Narada
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White Denim

At the Farm
D 2011 via Downtown
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1:20 am
West Michigan Environmental Action Council (click for more info)
Since 1968, the West Michigan Environmental Action Council has served as West Michigan’s leading voice for environmental protection. WMEAC [WEE-me-ack] works to protect and enhance West Michigan’s natural and human environments by translating the concerns of people into positive action. More information is available at 616-451-3051 or info at

Mary Chapin Carpenter

You Win Again
Shooting Straight In The Dark 1990 via Sony
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Andrew Jones

Memory's Fading
Watch What You Say 1998 via Bullseye Blues / Pgd
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Bruce Hornsby

Country Doctor
Bride of the Noisemakers 2011 via Savoy Label Group
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1:00 am

Deacon Blue

Peace and Jobs and Freedom
Whatever You Say, Say Nothing 1993 via Sony Int'l
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Cheri Knight

If Wishes Were Horses
The Northeast Kingdom 1998 via E Squared
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The Chenille Sisters

Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight)
Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight 1992 via Red House


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An Dro

Liten Tiltu-Ellin Polka-Finnish Polka
Tribe 2011 via Independent


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12:40 am
Children's Advocacy Center (click for more info)

Children's Advocacy Center was founded in 1991 as an assessment, care and support service to child victims of suspected sexual assault. Children's Advocacy Center provides crisis counseling, medical, forensic interview, legal investigation and child protective services, as well as education and prevention programs. Services are available on site, and every family has access to any of the services they need, free of charge, every time. C A C dash Kent dot org

Stacy Clark

Touch & Go
Connect the Dots 2010 via Vanguard Records
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Paolo Nutini

No Other Way
Sunny Side Up 2009 via Atlantic
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Tom Harrell

River Samba
The Time of the Sun 2011 via HighNote
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Jennie Devoe

Strange Sunshine 2009 via Rubin the Cat
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12:20 am
WYCE Legacy (click for more info)

88.1 FM WYCE presents


, every Sunday night at 6pm, as part of WYCE's Sunday night lineup. Each week, join host

Bruce Parrott

for an eclectic mix of classics that influenced today's artists. Hear from one hit wonders, albums that inspired and music that gave birth to entire genres. PLUS - every episode enjoy 'Local Legacy' tracks from Grand Rapids musicians of the past. WYCE's Legacy is Sundays at 6pm - only here on 88.1 FM WYCE.

Los Mocosos

Bandolera Era
American Us 2004 via Six Degrees


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Zoe Muth

I've Been Gone
Starlight Hotel 2011 via Signature Records
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The Levellers

Carry Me
A Weapon Called the Word 1990 via Dead Line
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Scott Holt

Right Place, Wrong Time
Dark Of The Night 1999 via Lightyear
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12:00 am
Wealthy Theatre Centennial Campaign (click for more info)
The last century of Wealthy Theatre has given Grand Rapids a community gathering place, a platform for expression, a forum for education, and an avenue for culture, arts and entertainment. In 2011, Wealthy Theatre turns 100 years old. To celebrate the Centennial, this Grand Rapids gem is about to undergo a comprehensive sustainability transformation - making it one of the greenest historic theatres in the nation. We're going to reduce energy use by 75%, and update our systems, technology, and facilities. We're going to raise $500,000 to do it. You can help. Visit "Wealthy Theatre dot org slash one hundred" to make your financial contribution.