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Distorted Love
Seven Lives Many Faces 2008 via Virgin Records Us
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John Wesley Harding

Daylight Ghosts
Who Was Changed And Who Was Dead 2009 via Rebel Group
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Dave Brubeck

Duke [Mono Version][Live]
The Essential 2003 via Sony
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5:20 am
Catalyst Radio (click for more info)

88.1 FM WYCE and the Grand Rapids Community Media Center present Catalyst Radio, a 30-minute weekly public affairs radio program of Community Media Center, focusing on local efforts. CMC's Catalyst Radio brings you interviews with organizations and people working on social change, community support, and media issues.Catalyst Radio airs Fridays at noon - exclusively on Grand Rapids' Community Radio Station, 88.1 FM WYCE.

Jerry Leake

Cubist- Shapes of Sound & Time 2010 via Rhombus Publishing
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School of Seven Bells

Disconnect From Desire 2010 via Vagrant Records
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Like Water Drumworks

To the Roots 2004 via Independent


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Mojo & The Boogieman

Come Home Baby
Keep It in Your Soul 1999 via Independent


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Gain 2008 via Independent


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5:00 am
Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (click for more info)

The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability is a resource dedicated to helping people understand the options available for designing, building and occupying structures that offer environmentally friendly alternatives, energy efficient products and improved indoor air quality. AES provides training, education, seminars and consulting to those interested in investing in their homes, communities, and environments by implementing sustainable building practices. More information at Alliance E S dot org

The Gaslight Anthem

American Slang 2010 via Side One Dummy
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Christian Howes

Bobby's Bad
Out of the Blue 2010 via RESONANCE RECORDS
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What Are You Gonna Do
Stand Together 2010 via Blind Pig
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Dale Alan

All I Really Wanted
This Moment or Two 2002 via Poor Boy Records
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Death Cab for Cutie

Your Heart Is an Empty Room
Plans 2005 via Atlantic / Wea
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4:40 am
West Michigan Co-op (click for more info)

The West Michigan Cooperative is the region's first online farmers market. The Co-op serves as a way for local farmers and consumers to stay connected all year long. Co-op members make online purchases from co-op producers then pick up and pay for orders at the monthly pick-up day. Learn more at west michigan coop dot com.

Calibro 35

Fair Sex and Merciless Crimes
Ritornano Quelli Di 2010 via Nublu Records
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Charlie Don't Shake

At Night, At Sea
The South Will Take Your Blues Away 2005 via Rexrode


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Clothesline Revival

The Resurrection Of John Henry
They Came From Somewhere 2010 via Paleo Music
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Kevin Burke

Clancy's-Flexible Flyer
Suite 2010 via Loftus Music
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Tim Buckley

Dream Letter
Happy Sad 1969 via Elektra / Ada
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4:20 am
Local Resonance (click for more info)

Enjoy WYCE's Local Resonance - Friday mornings at 11 am. Local Resonance explores the music of West Michigan through interviews with area artists, live performances, listings of upcoming musical events, and lots of great local music. Join host Kevin Murphy for Local Resonance Fridays at 11 am - exclusively on 88.1 FM WYCE.

Simon & Garfunkel

Kathy's Song [Live]
The Essential Simon & Garfunkel 2003 via Sony
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Josh Ritter

See How Man Was Made
So Runs The World Away 2010 via Pytheas
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Morry Sochat & the Special 20s

Empty Pockets
Eatin' Dirt 2010 via Galaxie
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The Icicles

Polyester Dress
Pure Sugar EP 2001 via Drive-In Records


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Dennis Preston

Alley Jamma
Iceberg 2008 via Illegible Records


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4:00 am
D.A. Blodgett / St. John's (click for more info)

D.A. Blodgett - St. John's works to enhance the well being of children and their families by providing traditional and innovative programs that will assure the best opportunities to realize their potential as human beings. Services include family counseling, therapy, pregnancy support, adoption, foster care, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. Learn more at D A Blodgett dot org

Shout Sister Shout

Slow Down
Hit That Jive 2009 via M.C. Records


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Annie Lennox

Don't Let It Bring You Down
Medusa 1995 via Arista
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Leroy Bell

To Say Goodbye
Traces 2010 via Martez Music Group
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Duke Robillard

Something To Remember You By
Duke's Blues 1994 via Virgin Records
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3:40 am
Alternatives in Motion (click for more info)

Alternatives in Motion strives to provide wheelchairs to individuals who do not qualify for other assistance, and who could not obtain such equipment without financial aid. To get into a chair or to get involved visit alternatives in motion dot org


15 Years of West Coast Cool 2008 via UBIQUITY RECORDS
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Murder by Death

The Day
Good Morning, Magpie 2010 via Vagrant Records
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The Willeys

Get Close
Glass Of Beer 1998 via Independent


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Leisure Suite
Let It Die 2005 via Interscope Records
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3:20 am
Meijer Gardens Tuesday Evening Music Club week 4 (click for more info)
WYCE and Frederick Meijer Gardens present the Tuesday Evening Music Club, featuring weekly August dates with outstanding Grand Rapids bands. The series continues with Jammie-winners "Bowery" and "Delilah DeWylde and The Lost Boys" , Tuesday, August 24th at 7pm. Delilah and the Boys march to the country shuffle of a bygone era, dressed to the nines in the tradition of pre-color television country singers and musicians, donning matching western suits and playing the finest vintage musical instruments in the finest old school way. Bowery won both of the "people's choice" WYCE Jammie awards this year as best artist and best new artist. Price of admission to Meijer Gardens includes entry to the Tuesday Evening Music Club concert, and is free for Meijer Gardens members. More information on our website - WYCE dot org

Zora Young

I'm In Love With You
The French Connection 2009 via Delmark
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Colfax Ave
The Sound System 1997 via Skillet Records
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Andes Manta

Lazito Blanco
Andes Manta via Koch Records
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Stanley Clarke

Bass Folk Song No. 10
The Stanley Clarke Band 2010 via Heads Up
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Ben Harper

Walk Away
Welcome To The Cruel World 1994 via Virgin Records
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3:00 am
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