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Big Jack Johnson

Breakdown Blues
We Got to Stop This Killin' 1996 via M.C. Records
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It's Not Up to You
Vespertine 2001 via Elektra
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5:20 am
Promo - Glance at the Past (click for more info)

Grand Rapids Historical Commission, in collaboration with Community Media Center, presents "Glance at the Past." This brief historical narrative reflects on the people, places and events that shaped our community.

Find out much more about the Grand Rapids Historical Commission online at "history grand rapids dot org"

And tune in for "Glance at the Past" - exclusively on listener sponsored  88.1 FM WYCE.


Miss Cassidy's-All Around the Room-The Mallintra Lass [Reels]
Ceol & Cuimhne (Music & Memory) 2010 via Compass Records
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Downie Hailstone

A Different Kind of You
Just Ask Me 2010 via Independent


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Zac Harmon

Back Bitin' Back Stabbers
From The Root 2009 via NorthernBlues
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Horse Feathers

This Bed
Thistled Spring 2010 via Kill Rock Stars
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5:00 am
Dog Story Theatre (click for more info)

Dog Story Theatre supports professional quality, innovative entertainment and provides an affordable and flexible venue for live performances. This Grand Rapids black box theater provides technical and production consultation to clients and offers equipment and box office services common to most theatrical productions. Dog Story Theatre - 7 Jefferson Avenue SE - dog story theatre dot com

The Ragbirds

Panoramic Camera
Finally Almost Ready 2009 via The Ragbirds


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John Fogerty

Natural Thing
Revival 2007 via Fantasy
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Ani DiFranco

Not a Pretty Girl
Not a Pretty Girl 1995 via Import [Generic]
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Ben Folds Five

Whatever and Ever Amen 1997 via Sony
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4:40 am

John Coltrane

Countdown [Alternate Take]
Giant Steps 1960 via Atlantic / Wea
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Rachael Davis

Eighth Lit Window
Minor League Deities 2001 via Aunt Farm


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Bless You Boys

Carry Me Home
The Still Life 2008 via Independent


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Jamie Lidell

Your Sweet Boom
Compass 2010 via Warp Records
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Afro Celt Sound System

Dark Moon, High Tide
Volume 1- Sound Magic 1996 via Real World
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4:20 am
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Peter Apfelbaum

Walk to the Mountain (And Tell the Story of Love's Thunderclapping Eyes)
Signs of Life 1991 via Polygram Records
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Joe Reilly

Infinite Hearts
Planting Gardens 2006 via Independent


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Joel Mabus

Frankie And Albert
Thumb Thump 2002


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Natalia Clavier

El Arbol
Nectar 2008 via Eighteenth Street
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Catherine Russell

So Little Time (So Much To Do)
Sentimental Streak 2008 via World Village USA
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Rockers En Liberte
The BYG Deal 2009 via B-Music


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4:00 am

Chain Of Lakes

Chain Of Lakes 2010 via Independent


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Root Doctor

Big Blue Cadillac
Change Our Ways 2007 via CDBY


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Blind Pilot

Things I Cannot Recall
3 Rounds and a Sound 2008 via Expunged Records
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Janiva Magness

I'm Feelin' Good
The Devil is an Angel Too 2010 via Alligator Records
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3:40 am
D.A. Blodgett / St. John's (click for more info)

D.A. Blodgett - St. John's works to enhance the well being of children and their families by providing traditional and innovative programs that will assure the best opportunities to realize their potential as human beings. Services include family counseling, therapy, pregnancy support, adoption, foster care, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. Learn more at D A Blodgett dot org

The Black Keys

All You Ever Wanted
Attack & Release 2008 via Nonesuch
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Keren Ann

Greatest You Can Find
Nolita 2005 via Blue Note Records
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Dirty D
Id Y Bonobo 2007 via Independent


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Big Leg Emma

Peanut Farmer
Gramma Dont Like That 2008 via Independent
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Monsters Of Folk

Monsters Of Folk 2009 via Shangri-La
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3:20 am
Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (click for more info)

The Alliance for Environmental Sustainability is a resource dedicated to helping people understand the options available for designing, building and occupying structures that offer environmentally friendly alternatives, energy efficient products and improved indoor air quality. AES provides training, education, seminars and consulting to those interested in investing in their homes, communities, and environments by implementing sustainable building practices. More information at Alliance E S dot org


Groovadelphia 2008 via CDBY


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LCD Soundsystem

One Touch
This Is Happening 2010 via DFA/Virgin
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Putumayo Presents- South Africa 2010 via Putumayo


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3:00 am
DAAC TRAAX (click for more info)
Introducing "Dack Tracks", a new radio collaboration between WYCE and the Division Avenue Arts Collective. Join Kyle and George Weeter at midnight every other Friday to get the scoop on all the upcoming live music at 'THE DACK'. The DAAC is an all-volunteer art space and music venue in Grand Rapids' downtown Avenue for the Arts. If you miss a broadcast, you can also find the DAAC TRAXX podcast at: the DAAC dot org